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Friday, 14 August 2020

Summer Skin At Home With Boots

This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own. 

I will start by saying I am no Caroline Hirons. It was only last week that I shamefully discovered I had been applying my eye cream in the wrong sequence of my skincare regime for years! It should be applied as the next step after your toner FYI not the last step like I was doing. It’s like putting your bra on over your t-shirt. Pointless.

With that said, I have always had a desire to take care of my skin and from a very young age I’d watch my grandma applying her night cream in upwards, circular motions and on her dĂ©colletage. Whilst I am no beauty guru, I can confidently say I have oily skin. That I do know. In my early twenties I suffered from breakouts and as a result this really affected my confidence. At 29, it’s safe to say I have found a morning and evening skincare routine that really works for me. Hooray.

When it comes to skincare my one stop shop has always been Boots. I love that there is a real mix of products with a price point to suit everyone. I am proud to admit my Boots advantage card currently stands at an impressive £32. I’m saving it for a rainy day or when I need to stock up on toiletries for my next holiday. 2021, we pray for less doom and gloom. When Boots UK wanted to partner with me on their ‘Summer Skin At Home’ campaign, naturally it was an obvious YES! Whilst a holiday may not be on the cards for the foreseeable, skincare never stops.

I will be the first to admit that pre-lockdown, I rarely practiced self care. Generally speaking, I hate baths and never seem to find downtime for myself and consequently my skincare routine always seemed a little rushed. However, with a lot more time on my hands as a result of lockdown. I’ve found myself setting aside extra pamper time and really looking at the products and ingredients I put onto my skin.

Boots now do a £10 Tuesday offer which has encouraged me to buy products I perhaps wouldn’t have tried before. A prime example of this is the Pixi Glow Tonic which I now swear by. I picked it up with the £10 Tuesday offer and love it so much, I can’t imagine taking it out of my skincare routine. I know this is a fairly big statement to make but that’s how much I love it. The key ingredient here is Glycolic Acid which acts as an exfoliant to the skin. It helps to shed dead skin cells and reveal newer, brighter layers underneath. Hence the word glow ✨ Pixi beauty really weren’t joking with the name. Generally Glycolic Acid is known to tackle hyperpigmentation, dullness and signs of skin ageing. I do think this ingredient is what has kept my breakouts at bay. With the August heatwave, I have been naturally wearing less makeup so I am really looking to keep my skin looking as good as possible so I feel at my most confident. 

As this campaign is ‘Summer Skin At Home’ I wanted the products I chose to benefit my skin in the best way, whilst trying some new things too. In today’s post, I am giving you a lowdown of some of the best skincare products available from Boots.com

With plenty of sun over the last few months, my skin has become a little dry especially for those trips to Costa del Garden. Whilst I always put an SPF on my face daily be that SPF 30 or 50, my skin has definitely become more dry. My goal here was to inject some hydration into my skin whilst giving myself a bit of a pamper. Products you can use in the comfort of your own home that give you that in salon feeling. One I am sure all of us girls are missing.

I’m thinking hair mask on, a large glass of ice cold Whispering Angel and an episode of Selling Sunset just to paint the picture for you. So if you are looking for a few new products to try, perhaps you could add them to your basket next time you pop into your local Boots store or online at Boots.com. The products can be added seamlessly into your skincare routine. 

It goes without saying that an at home pamper night starts with a face mask. Origins have always been a go to for me when it comes to face masks. The retexturizing mask with rose clay was an obvious choice but also one that I have never tried before.

What it is:

RECOMMENDED FOR Oily, Combination skin
BEST FOR Clarity & glow

This mask is made with Mediterranean rose clay, Canadian willow herb and exfoliating jojoba beads. It refines skin texture and deep cleans to perfect the appearance of pores whilst giving you an incredible summer glow. You don’t need a lot of this product. Simply massage onto makeup free, dry skin in circular motions and leave for 15-20 minutes to work its magic. I did find that as it dried my skin felt quite tight but this is fairly natural with most at home face masks I try. A word of warning, avoid using a manual exfoliator alongside this especially on the same day as the jojoba beads act as an exfoliant.

If a face mask isn’t for you then the next product could be a great alternative and one I love adding to my skincare routine which is the Retinol sheet mask. 

Every time I apply a sheet mask, without fail the door bell either rings or my flat mate pops her head in my bedroom and let’s face it, it’s not a pretty sight. I am just out here chilling looking like Caspar the friendly ghost đź‘» I know sheet masks may not be for everyone but there’s no denying how much moisture they add to your skin. Great if you’ve been in the sun or after a night out. I don’t know about you but my skin always feels super dehydrated after a few G&T’s. There are so many masks on the market but this one stuck out to me because of the key ingredient, retinol.

Retinol is a powerful anti-aging product which aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promotes firmer looking skin. Yes, yes yes. I’m in. This mask felt amazing on my skin. A little tip I’ve learnt along the way is to pop your mask packets in the fridge for an hour or so before popping them on your face and it literally feels like heaven on your skin. Especially on a hot day. Although these masks can be a little weird to put on, I generally lay down quite still and catch up on one of my favourite Netflix series for about 30-40 minutes whilst the mask and it’s ingredients work their magic. This mask really felt as though it replenished the lost moisture in my skin so overall I’d definitely recommend. I always massage the excess serum into my skin for added moisture. 

Once I’ve used either a sheet or face mask the next and very important step in my skincare is a serum. 

What I love about this Avène serum is how lightweight it is. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all and it also smells like sun cream which I love. There is something so nostalgic about sun cream for me that makes me long even more for a holiday. This serum smooths and plumps to revitalise tired looking skin. A perfect product to apply after those boozy bottomless brunches. This product is enhanced with red fruit extracts to help energise and illuminate the skin, and anti-oxidant Vitamin E precursor to help defend from daily free radical damage, and Refinyl, a natural active to target the main causes of clogged pores and uneven skin tone. You can use this either as a brightening base before applying makeup or before your moisturiser as part of your evening skin care routine. I tend to use this pre moisturiser for the best effects. 

I’m new to Avène as a brand and after trying this serum I definitely will be exploring other products from the range.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s blog post with Boots UK and found it somewhat insightful. I am chuffed that I got to try three amazing new products for £50 which will form an integral part of my skincare routine going forward. There is no denying that us girls are missing our trips to the salons for essential maintenance. My eyebrows most certainly are not of fleek right now. Lockdown has really opened my eyes and there are a lot of things I now do in the comfort of my own home which have saved me money too. I’d love to know your favourite beauty products that you purchase from Boots. Leave me a comment below. 



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Gemma x

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