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Monday, 3 February 2020

Weekly Round Up & A Big Career Move

Hey, hey. Happy Monday beautiful people and happy 3RD of Feb. I hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. You should have all been paid by now, unless you are freelance like me and the invoice chase continues. January literally felt like the longest month in history. It’s been a cold start to the year, that’s for sure. By cold, I mean I took the plunge and ordered an electric blanket. Say hello to Grandma Gemma. 

Last week was a bit of a weird one if I’m honest. I’ve had a few things go on that I can certainly update you on but I have found it hard to feel inspired, especially when everything around me is so dreary. I also caught a cold which is probably just me feeling sorry for myself. I am going to sound so typically British here and certainly put it down to the weather. It seems like every time I go out to create content, it’s raining. 

On Monday, nothing particularly exciting happened. I had a work from home day. I try to have one, if not two of these a week so I can really feel as though I am on top of my shit so to speak. I blocked out a few hours to film a YouTube video and hair tutorial for IGTV and answer never ending emails. As far as Monday’s go, it was pretty ordinary. Tell a lie, it was actually made slightly better by a delivery of Gucci tights. You may have seen the interlocking G tights floating all over Instagram the past few months. Well I was that sucker who got influenced by an influencer. I had treated myself to the black pair which I had been deliberating over purchasing, for a number of months. My main concern was the hefty £85 price tag, making them the most of expensive pair of hosiery I own. I’m usually a spend £3 on a pair of spotty tights from Primark kind of gal. For me this was a big deal and also a nail chip away from the most agonising ladder you’d ever experience. Clearly I was in a treat yourself kind of mind frame. It was a to me, from me kind of gift. I have my boyfriends voice in my head right now saying “you like to spend your money don’t you”. In other words, Monday was average made better by Gucci tights. 

I also met up with Soph and her manager Elle to record another episode of our podcast. We had planned to record our third episode but technology was not on our side this time. We are still very new to all of this and had technical issues with a new microphone. Our bid to be better definitely backfired. We did manage to film the trailer for our podcast which is now on Spotify and all major podcast platforms, so make sure you check us out. Just search Private Message Podcast and you’ll find us. We also have an Instagram page with Soph and I both run called @privatemessagepodcast

Tuesday was a busy day. I met Sophie for outfit pics because my Instagram wife is off to Sri Lanka with her boyfriend for a couple of weeks and I need to stock up on content. My recollection of this day was that it was very cold. Shooting outfit pictures outside at the minute is a painful task and god knows how I am even meant to start pre planning and thinking about spring content. It’s times like these when I totally feel as though I am trying to flog a dead horse so to speak. Girls, swipe up to buy my floral dress whilst I stand on the street and die of pneumonia ๐Ÿ˜‚ The struggle is real. 

I met Poppy for dinner and a catch up at The Rum Kitchen in Brixton. If you haven’t been before, I would highly recommend you do so. That is, if you like Caribbean food and jerk chicken. I had the jerk bowl with rice and slaw and their maple coated sweet potato fries. I hadn’t seen Poppy for a few weeks and we were catching up on wedding plans. Hers not mine. If you don’t know, Pops is my best friend and she’s getting married in August so it’s all guns blazing until the big day. Honestly, I feel so overwhelmed even writing it. My best friend is getting married and I’m a bridesmaid. I feel so incredibly proud of her and I think it’s safe to say I am going to be an emotional wreck when I see her walking down the aisle. 

Mine and Soph’s podcast launched on Tuesday. After a stressful hour pre launch mainly concerning no artwork, our podcast trailer finally launched. Soph and I have been talking about launching a joint podcast for ages now and I can’t believe it is finally happening. Private Message Podcast was born from our Sunday Q&A’s and you can expect to hear our unfiltered answers, undeniably real advice and unapologetically honest stories. Make sure you check us out and stay tuned for season 1 which should consist of 8 episodes. Leanne Bayley even wrote on Hello Magazine online that we are the podcast to press play on in January. Absolutely no pressure at all. It hadn’t really felt real up until this point, probably because when Soph and I have pre recorded episodes it genuinely feels like we are just having a chat we would do so over coffee or brunch. I’m really excited to share this journey with Sophie and really hope that everyone enjoys it too. 

I also paid my tax return on Tuesday before the 31st of January deadline and my god that was a tad depressing. I feel relieved to have paid it now and am not weighed down with that financial burden hanging over me. If any of you are thinking of going self employed, one piece of crucial advice I can give to you is make sure you set aside at least 30% of your income into a separate bank account. I use my Monzo app for this and find the money pots really useful. It keeps the money separate from your current account and stops you from being tempted to dip into it now and again. For me, having my tax money in a separate bank account keeps it out of sight, out of mind so to speak and ensures you can cover the cost of your self assessment when your tax return is due. I don’t have to worry about another tax return until July now at least which is great because between you and me, I’m not a numbers kind of gal. 

With the depressing realisation that I was several thousand pounds down after my tax return, hump day was made better by a super girly day with Tiff, who is basically my female twin. Have you ever had a friend who basically mirrors your thoughts? Well that’s Tiff. It shocks me sometimes when we basically think the same. In a good way of course. Tiff helped me shoot some paid content for a campaign I am working on with Visa and their new Bรณ app which aims to help you save money by budgeting smarter and spending less. I sure do need all the extra money I can get my hands on right about now. It actually works too and I’ve really enjoyed trialling the app over the past few weeks. 

We also shot some content for Lounge underwear, a brand that we are both obsessed with. If you are looking to give yourself some confidence, purchase a matching set from this brand. You won’t regret it, I promise. They also have some cute Valentine’s Day sets at the minute too striking a perfect balance of cute and sexy. Shooting underwear is not an easy task, I can assure you but me and Tiff were in stitches. The Instagram image we were trying to create is a peachy looking bum in thongs, the reality was a really long looking bum ๐Ÿ˜‚ I am telling you girls, it’s all about the angles. Don’t let these Insta kids deceive you. One minute my bum was looking peachy, the next minute you may as well have called me sponge bob long bottom LOL. 

I made it to the gym for a very speedy session at Kings but wasn’t feeling great if I am honest. I caught a head cold and cough which seems to have improved but I am glad I didn’t push myself, especially as I had a paid event I needed to attend at Swingers in the city. This was actually a very last minute campaign and by last minute I mean the day before. That’s the part about my job I love. Whilst it is great to have a plan and structure to my day, when things pop up unexpectedly it definitely makes you think on your feet. I’d never actually been to Swingers before this but I am a huge fan of crazy golf. I think it is a great date night option as it’s super fun and you have the option to have food and drink too. It was such a fun and easy campaign to work on that I hope to be able to work with Swingers again soon. My score card was not the greatest but it’s all fun and games, unless you’re competitive by nature. 

On Friday I spent another few hours trying to break in my Jaydon doc martens. Why are these boots notoriously hard to break in? I kid you not when I say I had tights on, a pair of fluffy socks and a sanitary towel wrapped around my ankle to protect me from the rubbing and inevitable blisters. I love the style of these boots and really want to break them in for spring as I think they will look so cute with dresses and bare legs. I literally cannot wait for bare legged season. As much as I love spotty tights, bare legs just make every outfit look nice. Every Friday, River Island invite me to a gifting suite which is amazing as who doesn’t love free clothes?! It definitely helps with creating extra content for my Instagram and they have so many lovely pieces coming for spring. You guys will love the selection I am sure of it. Think pastels, bold prints and cute matching co-ords in ice cream colours. Definitely right up my street. I am actually so excited for spring and a change up of my outfits. 

As I was feeling a little under the weather this week I had left all my filming to do on Saturday. I woke up feeling refreshed, energised and had so much energy and motivation that I filmed two YouTube videos back to back. The latest is a huge chatty activewear haul so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already. You can see it here

After leaving my bedroom looking like a bit of a bombsite, I ventured to The Breakfast Club with my flat mate Xantha for some well deserved brunch. If you haven’t tried the pancakes at The Brekky Club you need to get your arse down there. The nearest one to me is Battersea Rise but they have a few dotted around in central as well as vegan and gluten free options too. I kid you not, I had been thinking about these pancakes all week and indeed went for a pancake stack with berries, vanilla cream, maple syrup and a side of extra crispy bacon and my god it did not disappoint. 

I did need a good few solid hours for my food to digest until I could make it to the gym. I was editing my YouTube video until about 8pm. Under normal circumstances, I would usually sack the gym off at this point. I don’t usually like training past 6pm because it means I get home late and end up having a really late night. I don’t know what it is about this weekend but I was raring to go and got myself up and out of my electric heated bed, which was quite frankly a gym miracle. I ended up having a really good session and treated myself to a Thai takeaway from Banana Tree via Deliveroo. If you live in the Clapham area and have this as a delivery option on Deliveroo you need to treat yourself to a takeaway and order the Pad Thai with chicken and the steamed chicken dumplings. I once saw Joe Wicks (The Body Coach – Lean in 15) in there when dining in and a girl asked him for a selfie. A little piece of information you probably didn’t need but it always springs to mind when I think of this place. 

On Sunday I was hoping for a stay in my pyjamas and watch Netflix kind of day but it actually turned out to be pretty productive one. This whole weekend actually….go me. I had so much energy and a get up and go attitude, that when I have these weekend waves I want to put them to good use. I’ve been influenced once again by Instagram and headed to Harrods to have a look at the ‘it’ bag of the season; the Prada Re-Edition 2005 multi-pochette bag. This bag has become incredibly difficult to get hold of and is literally selling like hot cakes. Harrods only sell ten per day which I actually think is a really good idea and keeps stock levels consistent. When I got there at 12:30pm, the black had completely sold out and there was only two burgundy bags left. One behind the till and one being tried on by a customer. That’s when panic sets in. Nothing makes you want something more when it’s the last one available and being tried on by someone else ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hadn’t actually considered the burgundy hue before more because I’d never actually seen it but in person, it is gorgeous. I did decide to sleep on it as I do think the black is more timeless and practical even if when I sent a video to Louis he replied “aww it suits you”. The kind of positivity a girl needs in her life from her boyfriend. He tells me to save more money and then is the biggest enabler. As it stands, my Instagram poll is swaying towards 70% black and 30% burgundy. I’ll keep you posted, who knows by next week I may be a proud owner of one. Fingers crossed. 

I also did my weekly food shop, ventured all the way to the big Sainsbury’s in Balham for barista edition Oatly milk and felt some what as though I had my shit together. Every time I mention Oatly, I can’t help but have ‘my Oat milk brings all the cows to the yard’ in my head. I even had time to sit down and write this blog post and do a Sunday Q&A over on my Instagram. Make sure you tune into my stories as every Sunday I answer your dilemmas and give my honest advice. This weeks included contraception talk, ways of making friends and how to deal with friends who don’t make any effort just to name a few. I caught up on Power and had some wind down time to prep me for a busy week ahead. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content as they say. 

In other news, as the title of this blog post would suggest I have something rather significant to update you on. I have signed with Influencer to manage me, firstly on a three month trial basis. You may have read a previous blog post of mine where I was voicing how I was finding my job a struggle. Particularly managing my time and getting everything done. Whilst I could have hired an assistant, I am looking to progress myself as a brand and it felt like a really good fit. I am really excited for this new work chapter and for what my manager may bring to the table for me. It also means I can spend more time focusing on what I love to do which is create content. I feel so grateful to do what I do full time, even with the way Instagram is going at the minute and I am so excited to be on this journey with you guys. I couldn’t do it without you and I’ll never forget that ❤️

Have a lovely week and I’ll see you very soon in my next blog post.

Photography by Fifi Newbery 

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