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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The Epitome of Balance

I’d say I have this down to a T if I do say so myself. I work out 4-5 times a week, not because I feel I have to but because I WANT to. Lifting weights, with little to no cardio gives me this energy that I cannot even begin to explain. I feel uplifted, motivated and the best possible version of myself. I’d even go as far as to say euphoric with no illegal narcotics involved to achieve this natural ‘high’. I live by the 80/20 rule and whilst in the past year and a half I have made more conscious decisions towards a more balanced diet with healthier foods I’m not restrictive in any shape or form. I don’t diet as such and if I want a burger, I’ll eat one with no qualms. One day I’ll eat chicken, rice and vegetables and another day I’ll have a pizza and for me this is a real life #balance
Friday I ordered a pepperoni pizza and side of chicken wings from Uber Eats on my way home from a night out, Saturday started well with protein porridge but finished with a pad thai (I recently discovered it's 800 calories per serving). Sunday came around and whilst it was off to a good start with an eggs and avo breakfast, I had a generous serving of cinema sweet popcorn and iced tango blast courtesy of my boyfriend on our cinema date. Sunday night also ended with a burger (vegan) and chips and whilst some people may think this is naughty, I think life is about balance. Ever heard of the expression 'eat a burger to keep you sane'. Personally I like to live by this mantra. 

At my thinnest, someone posted a comment on one of my bikini holiday pictures saying “eat a burger”. At my healthiest, whereby I actually do eat a burger and have a balanced diet (and don’t feel guilty about it) someone posts a comment “It’s so sad seeing an influencer that’s supposed to promote healthy life (gym and healthy food) being posing with a Big Mac (dudes, of course she did not have a bite of that either 💩) UNFOLLOW!” Whilst this photo was a paid partnership with McDonalds, for some reason this comment really got to me. I don’t think it was even the “she didn’t have a bite of that either” remark but rather the focus on me promoting ‘unhealthy’ eating habits when I am usually supposed to promote “gym and healthy food”. 

I know in cases like these I shouldn’t bite and rise above these types of comments but it really got my back up. I felt that it was unfair for someone to hold me to such high standards just because I have a fitness page. I’d like to reiterate that my fitness page was started as a mere hobby and a way of tracking my own progress or fitness journey if you don’t find that term too cringe. As my fashion account is my business, I couldn’t really post sweaty gym selfies with crap lighting and mirrors that quite frankly needed a clean so as such it was my own “zero fucks” avenue. I’ve never once claimed to be a PT or nutritionist and can’t stress enough how much I harp on about working out for the way it makes me feel mentally and physically. Quite frankly, the aesthetics are just a bonus. 

I did eat the Big Mac, I enjoyed every last bite and also the bites of all the other McDonald’s I have been eating since I was 15 years old, where I would hang with my friends after school in Café Court as a means of avoiding doing my homework. Not to mention the chicken selects Poppy and I would convince our Uber driver to pick up for us on the way home from a night out at Dog Star in Brixton. “Please, if you take us to the McDonalds drive through, I’ll buy you anything you want 😂”. LOL gone are those days, Uber drivers won't even let you in their car if you are clutching a greasy brown McDonalds paper bag. "NO, NO! That's not allowed in my car Miss". 

I’m open and say my personality online is reflective of me in person. I sometimes think that others may think this is a persona but I’m a little bit goofy and generally don’t take myself too seriously. I really don’t have the energy to put on a façade of someone I’m not. Ain't nobody got time for that. Yes I do get to go some nice places which I class as a perk of the job but I also love nothing more than curling up on the sofa in my sweatpants watching Netflix. I’m real and a realistic representation of your average twenty something girl. 

I go out most weekends, eat chocolate etc and live my life to the fullest with BALANCE. If you're not familiar with the term, you should look it up. Trust me you'll live a more fulfilling life. It’s not all about chicken, fish and vegetables. Negativity, negativity, negativity. I’ve had enough of it. DELETE, BLOCK, BYE FELICIA 👋🏼 What’s worse, I feel that I portray a very positive mindset to food, working out and body confidence. It blows my mind that people are picking on me for eating a burger when there are influencers promoting ‘skinny’ this and ‘slimming’ that which we all know don’t work. Worse still, influencers are using their influence and preying on girls with low self esteem and body image to sell these ‘slimming’ weight loss products. I don’t know about you but I think me posting about eating a burger on Instagram is far better than an influencer promoting one of the above and profiting from it too. 
I actually received the sweetest DM from a girl who quite frankly hit the nail on the head with regards to why this girl, who felt the need to be let's face it a bit of a basic Susan (Susan you're not basic but it's a funny term before I get shouted at) did in the first place. In short, she said that people who are unhappy in themselves and probably think they'd gain weight by looking at a burger internally feel guilty when they see someone who is healthy and happy and actually eating a burger is able to be in relatively good shape. She concluded that perhaps the negativity towards me was a defence mechanism because like me, my lifestyle is achievable and could in fact be achieved by this troll. 

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I’ve never really struggled with my weight but there have been times where I have had an unhealthy relationship to food. Counting calories led me to become a little obsessive and develop an unhealthy mindset towards food and my own body image. Constantly weighing myself, assessing the rolls on my stomach when I sat down believe me at one point in my life I've been there. This was definitely intensified by me seeing pictures of very slim girls plastered across magazines and online (I’ll be careful to use the terms ‘skinny’, ‘thin’ or otherwise). Fast forward 8 years and my mindset towards food has changed completely not to mention what I now see as the type of woman I look up to. I'd much rather look strong and toned than a bag of bones who as some people have said to me in the past looks like I could "eat a burger". 

What appeals to me is a woman who is strong, healthy, who eats in moderation, works out and loves her body. As women, we come in all shapes and sizes which makes you all so unique and beautiful in our own right. Being targeted for eating a burger or held to a standard because I work out is an actual JOKE. 
I personally feel as though a burger shouldn’t be seen as an unhealthy food group and those who develop this mentality often intensify the guilt of those girls who suffer with eating disorders. Eating chicken, rice and veg every day is not only unmaintainable but it’s not realistic either. I’ll use fitness models as a prime example. There will be phases in the year where they are on a bulk season and will treat themselves to sweets, chocolate and burgers. Those food groups that are typically higher in calories than your 100g chicken breast. What inevitably happens is they gain a little weight which is normal. When these fitness models deprive themselves of certain foods to achieve a show ready lean physique they deprive themselves of food and ultimately are hungry. Whilst I understand why they do it to get in the shape they desire, it is not something that can be maintained all year round nor is that a healthy mindset to have. Living proof to you girls and boys that it's ok to eat the burger. 

The point I am trying to get across in today’s post is, treat yourself to that burger, ice cream sundae or Chinese takeaway but also get in your 5 a day and eat in moderation. As long as you have balance in your life, this really is all that matters and in my opinion is having a healthy and positive mindset to food. Enough said.

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  1. Girl this post!! I totally agree with you- everything need BALANCE. I hate it when people see one thing on social media and assume things, especially when it's not the case at all.


    Ellie x

    1. Thank you lovely. So nice to hear that agree with what I am saying. I guess you just have to put it down to ignorance but at times it can be incredibly frustrating. xxx


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