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Friday, 4 January 2019

My Weekly Round Up


Easing into 2019

That time between Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day it is. Is it Monday, is it Friday?! Your guess is as good as mine. It just feels like one giant blur. I am writing this post on Wednesday feeling like it is Monday but there is nothing like a three day week to ease you into a new year especially after the festivities. 

I have begun to realise that having a routine in my life is really important and it gives my day and week structure, especially being self employed. Starting my week on a Wednesday has thrown me off I can’t lie. It’s like the routine of making your bed with fresh sheets on a Sunday and waking up ready to face the week on a Monday that gives me a routine as such so this week has sort of felt like a blur. Despite oversleeping by three hours on the 2nd Jan when I was officially back to work and turning off my usual 7:30am alarm the rest of this week has been pretty productive. A lot of my friends don’t understand where I get the motivation from. Some say they’d probably sleep in until 11am and then start work but for me there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day as it is. I know ultimately time is money and every hour wasted could potentially be an opportunity to earn money or open the doors to something with long term benefits for me. 

2019 – a clean slate

I really am a firm believer in a new year and a new start. As cringe as it may sound, it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. I really do believe that your past experiences shape who you are as an individual but sometimes it’s something so simple as a new year to allow you to really see things clearly and gain a fresh perspective altogether. 

There’s no denying that I ended 2018 on a bit of a high. You can read my yearly round up post here if you missed it. I saw the below post on Instagram on New Years Day and it did make me laugh because it was just a little reminder of how far I have come in just a short period of time. It’s definitely a gentle reminder that the shitty experiences of 2018 can be left firmly in the past. Onwards and upwards I say and the same should go for you too. 

So whether you’re getting over an ex, have fallen out with a friend or had an argument with a loved one perhaps it’s time to forgive and forget? After all, life is too short to be anything but happy. Unless he’s a fuck boy, then he can stay well and truly in 2018. Thank U, Next. Bye Boy. 

New year’s resolutions and why I’m not setting any

I do believe in clean slates and with a new year can bring a new you but as such I won’t be setting any new years resolutions for 2019. I’m fully aware of my new year goals and the things I want to try and achieve this year. As such I find new years resolutions a bit pointless and sometimes things just happen, life gets in the way and you’re simply not able to meet them. Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that if I want something bad enough I’ll set out to get it, new years resolution or no new years resolution. 

Getting back on track with my fitness goals

Whilst Christmas is a time for indulging and also something we should not feel guilty about, I am sort of left thinking nuff munching now 😂 After spending New Years Day hungover af ordering a 15” pepperoni pizza, cheesy garlic bread and chicken wings with chocolate and ice cream (my boyfriend would be horrified) with my flat mates, there hasn’t been a time where my body has craved healthy food more. Generally I do live by the 80-20 rule and I am a firm believer in balance period. Life is for living and as such I am not prepping for a fitness competition so don’t feel the need to stick wholeheartedly to a chicken, rice and broccoli lifestyle but I am also conscious that you can’t out train a bad diet. I don’t want to put you off your morning croissant but abs most definitely are made in the kitchen. I saw a meme on Instagram which said “diets don’t start on Wednesday, they begin on Monday” and whilst looking at this could definitely have thrown me off course and to a few more days of indulging, it actually spurred me on to get back on track with the healthy eating. 

I definitely noticed my biggest progress in probably the last 4-6 months of 2018 and as such I can say I am pretty happy with my body. There will always be room for improvement and you can always find ways to better yourself, but as such I feel (in the least arrogant way) that I am in the best shape of my life. I eat clean 80% of the time but don’t punish myself or test these fad diets or skinny coffee nonsense plans that guarantee you weight loss in a week. Personally, these irritate the hell out of me, especially when celebrities promote them because it really does instil such an unhealthy body image and mindset in young girls particularly who look up to these public figures as “role models”. The ironic thing is that more often than not the people promoting them have never even tried them and are just using their platform to make money. This is why I’d never promote something like that. Even with just over 54K followers on Instagram I feel a responsibility to be a good role model and as such would never promote this unhealthy body image. Young girls can be very influenced especially by celebrities/influencers they look up to and personally I think this needs to stop. In my eyes it’s much better to promote healthy eating and exercise than a meal replacement shake, don’t you agree?

As many of you may know I work out mainly for the way it makes me feel and I’ll hold my hands up and say I work hard in the gym. I find myself training 4-5 times a week and some may find this a lot but it’s far from a chore for me. It takes dedication and motivation but once you get into the right mindset you’ll never look back, trust me. Without offending anyone who tries these fad diets, I personally feel they are a quick fix. Unfortunately, any type of weight loss takes time and a lot of effort (if that is your end goal). Whilst replacing a meal with a ‘skinny coffee’ or ‘shake’ is obviously going to make you lose weight (that’s a given) short term, it’s not sustainable. I’ve even been approached by several of these companies who wanted to pay me to promote such fads and I simply had to turn them down as it does not resonate with my beliefs and what I stand for. Living proof that influencers still do have morals and actually think about their ads. 

There was a point in time where at my thinnest I was probably also my unhappiest. I eat way more than I ever have and at approximately 60kg I would have given my former self a whole lot of anxiety and a reason to skip a meal. This is living proof that it’s our mindsets we need to work on and to love our bodies just as they are. Even a few pounds heavier after Christmas. There’s no need to stress because as long as you have balance and stick to the rule of everything in moderation then you’ll be fine.  

With that said, I can’t wait to see what progress I can make in 2019. I am more than willing to put in the hard work and am excited to see what progress and changes I can make at that. I’m not going to lie having a boyfriend who looks like a bit of a Hercules definitely helps to keep me motivated but I’ve had this mindset way before I met him. If you can find someone who will motivate you be that a friend, training partner or boyfriend will really help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Save, save, save

Or at least try to anyways. There is nothing I want more than to try and get onto the property ladder….somehow. One thing I resent about renting in London is ultimately I am lining my landlords pocket whilst she skips merrily to the bank and me being left with absolutely nothing to show for it. Having a substantial deposit as well as an adequate record of my accounts (self employed individuals like myself are looking at least 2-3 years minimum) makes getting on the property ladder solo extremely difficult. 

I spent most of the day on Thursday doing my accounts and expenses and ultimately was faced with the reality of exactly how much money I am spending on rent each month. Often more than some of my friends who are fortunate enough to own a property spend on their monthly mortgage repayments. I’ll hold my hands up and say I spend too much money on coffee, eating out and nights out than I care to admit and I am sure my accountant will look upon me disapprovingly. I was actually quite shocked myself and I think contactless payments are definitely to blame. In the moment (or shall I say tap) you don’t think about what you are spending. Something that my grandma would probably deem as a luxury I see as an everyday necessity. Maybe that’s what is wrong with people (myself included) my age altogether. 

Without rubbing anyone up the wrong way, I did treat myself to a few luxury designer purchases last year. I haven’t really ever been in the position before to be able to do so and as such it was an amazing treat to reward myself for my hard work. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of shitty jobs growing up, often just scraping minimum wage. Just being able to get by was at the best of times all I could afford. I’ve always been taught the value of money ever since a young girl when my grandma used to say to me “Gemsy, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” and I’d save them all in my Winnie the Pooh money box. With that said, it’s all well and good having some lovely designer pieces that believe me make any outfit but it’s time to get serious and lay off the treats and dedicate to saving as much as I can. I would love by the time I am thirty (which at just three years away is a very scary thought) to have my own place complete with a walk in wardrobe obvs. Only time will tell but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a mortgage miracle. 

The reality of having a boyfriend

Without sounding smug, it’s pretty amazing especially with someone who you think is amazing. I’ve been single for as long as I can remember and have definitely kissed many frogs along the way so to speak. Every time I meet Poppy she still stutters on the boyfriend part. “Gemma, a bbbbbb-oyfriend”. I can hardly believe it myself. 

By nature I’d say that I’m very considerate, generous and pretty selfless so making the transition from being single to in a relationship hasn’t been difficult. I think a lot of girls (boys particularly) who have been single for a while struggle with the transition because ultimately you’re used to thinking about number one. Don’t worry I didn’t update my Facebook status 😂 do you actually remember when we used to be in a rush to do that?! You’d know it was 100% official when you’d see Gemma Talbot in a relationship with….Generally, when it comes to romantic relationships I’m quite private which is ironic seeing as my job is so public and I put my life out on the internet for others to often scrutinise. The girl who commented on my latest post saying she thinks I need to iron my clothes, I see you 👀 I am trying to be better but I do sometimes worry that Louis feels as though my phone is like the third wheel in a relationship. If he does he is really good at hiding it but with the nature of what I do, my phone is my life line and I know a lot of guys don’t get it. 

I know it’s easy in the beginning to get carried away with the excitement that a new relationship brings but I’m not one of those girls to ditch her friends in favour of seeing her boyfriend. At the end of the day, if it all goes tits up you want to know your friends will be there for you and won’t feel neglected or cast aside for this new man in your life. I think the little time I do have to myself I can balance equally and I’d want Louis to do the same. I’ll still go on nights out with my friends, on holiday and to boozy events. The only thing that will change is that I’m off the market. Will it mean I have less fun? I don’t think so because I never used to go out with the intention to pull. It’s more about having fun with your girls, dancing like a lunatic and believe me with mine and Xantha’s dance moves we shouldn’t be let out the house or to Aquum “twerking” to Giggs 🙈😂

So there you have it, my weekly round up. It seems like a lot to report in such a short week but I’m definitely looking forward to the coming weeks and to update you on the little or more significant things happening in my life.

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