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Friday, 14 December 2018

Getting Ready For The Party Season With Wonderbra

With party season well and truly upon us, my December wardrobe can be summed up in one word. Boujee. That and a whole lot of festive sparkle. With that said, when thinking about wearing some of your favourite party pieces over the Christmas period as well as new year do you instantly think “what bra do I wear with that?”. I know I sure do. 

From low plunge dresses to open back blouses and strapless jumpsuits, sometimes you feel that you cannot leave the house without a bra. Even with size 34A boobs, technically I don’t need much support in the boobie department but equally I sometimes feel too exposed when I’m not wearing one. Are you the same?

In today’s post, I have teamed up with the Queen’s of cleavage to show you how I will be wearing a few of my favourite styles from Wonderbra this party season. These include the minimal chic wireless push-up bra, the ultimate strapless bra and the ultimate silhouette multiway bra just in time for the festivities to commence over the coming weeks. I’ve definitely got you covered girlies and hopefully you’ll know what Wonderbra you’ll be reaching for or even a gift idea for a loved one this Christmas. I know I love receiving underwear as a gift, even if I am the singlest of pringles. 

Getting ready for the late night parties, drinks and festivities.

It’s 100% a habit (and not a bad one at that) but I always get ready in my pjs and will not change into my party pieces until I absolutely have to. These leopard print silky trousers are definitely something that I will reach for when getting ready because they are so comfy. Now when I put on this ‘minimal chic wireless push-up bra’ my first thought was my god, where did those boobs come from 👀 For anyone that is looking for an instant cleavage boost, I can hand on heart say that with this bra you definitely will get just that. Insert boobie emoji if there was one. This bra isn’t uncomfortable either. I have found in the past that with push up bras you generally have to sacrifice comfort. I can’t stand underwire that digs into you and essentially fills you with excitement at the sheer prospect of taking it off at the end of the night. It’s sort of the same gratifying feeling of taking your makeup off when you are able to unfasten the clasp of the most uncomfortable bra. Well not with this one. This wireless push-up bra really does feel as though I’m not wearing anything at all and it also looks great paired underneath your favourite t-shirts and jumpers. 

Cue drinks and lots of sparkle…

If you can’t inject some sparkle into your wardrobe this time of year then when can you?! I love sequins for Christmas and the New Year and this pencil skirt really is no exception and really is giving me all of the Chrimbo vibes. 

Whilst I had in mind to pair this skirt with a black satin cami or lace bralette, I actually think this skirt looks amazing with this Wonderbra ‘ultimate strapless bra’. Just layer a boyfriend style black blazer over the top and you’ve got yourself a killer outfit, if you’re feeling brave. This strapless bra is perfect for those tops with thin spaghetti straps and unlike most strapless bras it is both comfortable and gives you a cleavage. Again, in the past I’ve found I have had to sacrifice on both and haven’t found other brands to be particularly flattering, especially as I was never particularly blessed in the chest department. If I haven’t got you clicking already, It also comes in three other colourways; nude, white lace and a black lace version too. I thought it was good to note that this ultimate strapless bra is available in sizes a - g cup, so hopefully a great option for almost every woman and her bra needs. 

gold sequin pencil skirt - & Other Stories, lace up heeled sandals - ASOS, coin necklace - Missoma

Getting ready for me is half the fun of going out especially if you have some of your favourite girlfriends with you. If I feel confident and sexy when I am getting ready I know that I’m going to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing and have the best night possible. As silly as it may sound, it really is so true. There is nothing worse than feeling like you want to change before you’ve even left the house because it sets your night up for failure or so experience would have taught me. This confidence in my opinion starts with the underwear you are wearing and not only do I feel sexy in this strapless bra but more importantly I feel comfortable and at the ripe age of 27 I am all about comfort these days. If it’s not comfortable I simply won’t wear it full stop. Perfect for endless hours of dancing, if my heels will allow it.

Whilst the focus of this blog post is to demonstrate how I style my favourite Wonderbra underwear with my party pieces, a girl has got to have options. Both in the form of partywear and underwear. 

This silver sequin skirt is another show stopper and I think it looks perfect paired with this satin cami top. The black ‘ultimate silhouette multiway bra’ is the perfect bra not only for this top but for any other top you had in mind as you can alter the straps to your preference. Wear as a strapless bra, halter neck or even asymmetrical. The list is really endless. I can’t even tell you how comfortable this bra is too and I’ve been wearing it non-stop not only on nights out but also under all my everyday essentials. 

silver skirt - Miss Selfridge, black cami top - ASOS, lace up heeled sandals - ASOS, mini fang necklace - Missoma

It even looks great paired with this metallic tie front top which I know a lot of people would be put off wearing because they wouldn’t know what bra to wear with it without opting for fashion (‘tit’) tape. The nude version is also a great basic every girl should have because let’s face it where would I be without my nude bra?! I’m definitely not about the white t-shirt coloured bra situation. Do you clock the Mean Girls reference here?! I hope you do because what girly doesn’t love Mean Girls 🙋🏻

metallic tie front top - Nasty Gal, black jeans - New Look, Coin Necklace - Missoma, heeled sandals - Gucci

As a girl who often suffers with self esteem issues this post is particularly important to me in promoting a positive message that we should learn to be more body confident. There is something a little daunting about putting yourself out on the internet, especially in your bra (sorry Dad – I know you’ll be reading this 👀) but why are we so quick to judge?! After all, every girl wears bras and our boobs come in all shapes and sizes. I got my first when I was twelve even though I probably didn’t need it and for me comfort is hugely important and will definitely be the deciding factor as to whether I purchase a bra or not. I can say with absolutely honesty that all three of the Wonderbra’s featured in this post make me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and I’d 100% recommend each style to all you girls, particularly the ultimate silhouette multiway bra for style, comfort and fit

I’d love to know your favourite style Wonderbra and how you’d wear yours this party season. You can shop all the styles featured in this post below.

Happy party season!

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This post was in collaboration with Wonderbra. All words, styling and photography are my own.

Photography by Fifi Newbery


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  2. Did you ever tried sports bra for party season? Actually, I'm thick enough and I noticed that no any bras are suit good with me. And in terms of party or such kind of program, I need to wear something suit me perfectly. In this way, I think sports bras are much better to me. What do you think? Front Closure Bras For Seniors


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