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Friday, 16 November 2018

This Week's Round Up

Happy Friday! So I am back with a weekly round up. I hope you enjoy reading today's blog post.

Taking some time off

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog then you may know that I have been struggling as of late to master a good work-life balance. As such, my phone feels like my third arm and even my friends have commented when I’ve been out and had my phone on the table “jeez, do you really get that many notifications come through on your phone. I couldn’t deal with that”. To be frank, sometimes I really can’t either. My personal and work life is all on one phone and as such I find the notifications hard to ignore and sometimes at the end of the day I am so sick of looking at it that I don’t even want to reply to my friends. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love them all because I really do it’s just sometimes feels like one big headache. 

My job can bring a number of positive things to my life but social media can be incredibly toxic and also extremely overwhelming. It reaches a point where you feel you just need a detox and a chance to escape from it all. Last week, I made a decision that this week I would take at least one day off which is something I haven’t done for as long as I can remember. I am really busy and as such taking a day off mid week is not really something I should be doing but my mind and body were telling me this is exactly the thing I needed. On Wednesday, I did just this. I turned off all the notifications on my phone and just escaped from the reality that is my job and social media. I took a day to myself. I obviously uploaded my 8am morning Instagram post but after that I acted as though social media didn’t exist. I mentioned this in my Instagram post that I was having a day off for me and I had so many lovely comments and also many were in complete agreement that this should be done more often which was surprised me. 

So what did I do differently? I had a lazy morning, went and had my eyebrows done, got myself in the gym for a morning session then took myself off to a café. I drank lots of coffee and just read my book. Which is currently ‘The Things I Know About Love’ by Dolly Arterton. It was absolute bliss and left me feeling so mentally refreshed. I rarely have time to just take ten minutes to myself so to be able to relax for the whole day and not be on Instagram or refreshing my emails was actually the best feeling. I need to be better at switching off and not being so hard on myself for and it is definitely something I am going to start doing more of for sure. I just need to squish the feelings of guilt I sometimes feel for wanting a break and enjoy the well needed detox. 

Whilst I am fully aware how important social media is on the success of my job as such nothing prepared me for exactly how I would feel using it day in day out. The constant comparison to gorgeous girls, the negative DM’s and other adverse aspects that come of putting your life on the internet for others to scrutinise. I only have a fraction of the followers that some huge influencers have and quite frankly I don’t know how they do it. I now completely understand why some would outsource for someone anonymous to take full control of their social platforms. I feel as though I’m in a catch 22 because I absolutely love my job but equally this is one aspect that makes it tough. I am starting to feel that although Instagram is a social platform I just want to use it to post my fashion and fitness content and go about my day without the pressures that it brings. I think the world is a better place when were not so consumed with social media and our self-esteems certainly are for sure. It feels bitter sweet writing this because I am fully aware that my job revolves around a social platform that others view so negatively. 

No babies for the foreseeable future

I mean this would require a boyfriend to impregnate me but you get my drift. I used to be so broody. I’d just look at a cute baby and want one but like a puppy a baby is not just for Christmas. It’s for life. I feel like I’ve always been good with children and as such knew I wanted to have children before the age of 30. Again this would require a boyfriend but as the big 30 is fast approaching I couldn’t be further from that milestone if I tried. My friend and I were talking about this very topic over brunch at the weekend when we both concluded after seeing a cute baby that started screaming the café down that the little terrors aren’t so cute after all. More to the point, I just have to go onto Facebook and see another one of my old school friends announcing a pregnancy and it just makes me realise I am nowhere near ready. Will I ever be? Who knows. I also worry how I would do my job as a fashion blogger, not only being self employed but dressing with a bump and when you are carrying extra weight that you haven’t accounted for. On the flip side, I look at other bloggers who have had children and they seem to be doing just fine but then social media is very good at painting a picture which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I do take my hat off to new mums though. I sometimes feel as though getting up, making myself breakfast and getting myself into the gym all before 9 30am a challenge. I absolutely admire some of my friends who have young children who by 9 30am have fed and dressed themselves and their children, done the school run and got themselves to either the gym or work. Maybe it’s about adapting but it seems like a full time job in itself and it blows my mind. Perhaps I in fact still have a lot of maturing to do. 

Ditching your skincare regime for a guy

So we’ve all been there. A guy has stayed over that you like and you don’t want to take your makeup off because quite frankly you want him to think that you actually ‘woke up like this’. But in reality, two days later at least two spots appear on your face and you regret sleeping in your makeup all together. I’m not going to give anything away because I don’t want to jinx anything but a few sleepovers later and some nights sleeping in my makeup I concluded it was about time to stick to my evening skincare regime. Because after all, when you’re loyal to your skin, it’s loyal to you. I also feeling like I have finally got my skin in a semi decent place and no guy is coming in the way of this. 

I am talking the two step Micellar water – Emma Hardie cleanse, the Liz Earle tone, the Kiehl’s moisturise and avocado eye cream treatment finished with some James Reed tanning drops which I absolutely love as of late but the palms of my hands certainly do not. This guy had in fact fallen asleep by the time I’d completed my makeup take off and full skin care regime but I woke up feeling a sense of achievement. You know the kind you feel when you actually manage to complete all of the above when you get in steaming drunk after a night out. That my friends deserves a gold medal in itself. 

As you get older, you develop a ‘fuck it’ attitude that makes you realise if a guy is going to like you it should be warts and all. Hi hormonal pimple, thank you for gracing me with your presence. I mean I even got a morning goodbye kiss and cuddle so it can’t be all that bad. I am just waiting for my Dad to read this blog post and retract his statement about teaching me “how to bag a Rupert handbook”. Dad I hate to disappoint you but his name isn’t Rupert. Who knows though, there may be a ghosting part three blog post coming soon or another fuck boy bites the dust. I’ll keep you posted on the endeavours of my love life which as you know have been a bit of a shambles recently 🙈

When the rich make you feel like a peasant 

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a private dinner at Annabel’s in Mayfair with Nails Inc. If you are not familiar, this private members club is exquisitely furnished and the pink floral bathrooms are an Instagram paradise. As such, this is one of the perks that my job brings. I get to go to really nice fancy events that I probably wouldn’t get to go to otherwise. I love dressing up but it got me to thinking how the rich live. Everyone at Annabel’s oozed wealth and wore perfume that smelt of money. You know the kind I mean?! Whilst I never judge anyone on their social class and as such would hope that nobody would judge me I couldn’t help but feel like a peasant. The expensive glitzy cocktail dresses and even more lavishly over priced accessories to match left me feeling it’s a far cry from my life. I mean I feel ripped off at times for paying £4 for a large oat milk cappuccino let alone a few hundred pounds a month for a private membership which just gets you inside number 46 Berkley Square. 

It got me to thinking whether I would want to be rich at all. There’s no denying I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to live comfortably but I’d only want to be rich if I was happy at the same time. I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of those people that quite frankly acts like a bit of a d**k just because they have several 000000’s in their bank account. Whilst I have been lucky to treat myself to a few designer purchases there is no denying I have worked my absolute arse off for them and as such they are even more precious to me. There is something so great about feeling like you saved up your hard earned money to treat yourself. It really is a great achievement. 

So there’s my weekly round up. The most significant thing for me was having a day off from the stresses of my job and social media. It made me realise that it is so important to switch off and take some time for yourself because ultimately you are your biggest commitment and as such you need to look after yourself.

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  1. Hey hon,
    I see you ve been to Annabels….cant believe you didn't ask Senior Player to come along to that......so now you re mixing with the Rich and Shameless!
    There must have been lots of Ruperts there.....back in the day you couldn't swing your Filofax without hitting a double barrelled name!
    At least you re learning that money isn't everything....but if you ve got lots it means you ll always stay in touch with your children!
    I m enjoying reading the blogs, they re well written( I think you get it from me)...and the spellings coming on too!
    Stay Positive! xx


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