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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Cosmetic Surgery: A Taboo or Today's Norm?

You only have to watch an episode of TOWIE to see that cosmetic surgery is becoming dare I say the 'norm'. Are more people considering procedures due to the pressures of modern day society? An inherent pressure to look and feel good 24/7? I've seen more and more influencers documenting their procedures and generally being more open about what they are having done, which can be seen as both good and bad. Personally, I feel that if something is going to ultimately improve your self confidence then you should go for it but I know not everyone takes this stance. You may have read about Katie Price's recent face lift and at the age of 40 in my eyes is a little drastic. Equally, it's her body and who am I to judge? This gets me onto the topic of today's blog post with regards to cosmetic surgery and whether it is still a taboo subject or if in fact cosmetic procedures as a whole have become more dare I say normalised. 

Some of you may know if you read my previous blog post that not too long ago I had tear trough filler in an attempt to banish those under eye bags. For me, this non-surgical procedure was definitely a big deal and not one that I took lightly. After months of deliberating, ultimately what was the deciding factor for me was the confidence I knew it would bring me, particularly without makeup which prompted me to go ahead and have it done. As I had the procedure in exchange for social coverage, as such I had to promote it which was something I was quite concerned about. I know that when it comes to any procedure, surgical or non-surgical people can still be very opinionated. Some can take the moral high ground and as such force their opinions onto you, not always realising how it might make you feel. More often than not it can feel like a personal attack. This was something I was worried about as after all I am a 27 year old girl who is human and often wears her heart on her sleeve so as such I can be a little sensitive. Given my line of work and how heavily I use social media  at times does not bode well. What surprised me however, was the positive response mainly from the comments and DM's I recieved on Instagram and how many people like myself actually wanted to have it done. I guess this procedure may not seem as drastic compared to others but it still does involve using filler, which some may argue at the age of 27 in unnecessary. This got me onto thinking that perhaps it's a generation thing and as a whole cosmetic procedures are becoming more widely accepted and normalised. 

Whilst I am all for promoting body confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin, I know that this is not always realistic. People have insecurities and aspects about their physical appearance they'd like to change. Even the most beautiful of people still feel insecure about their looks.  I've had friends who have had procedures from lip filler to botox and non surgical nose jobs and when done well they really can look really good. On the flip side, I've also seen some disasters, a term come to be known as the "trout pout" which often puts me off having anything done altogether. I think personally, I want to steer away from the 'fake' look. After all, it's your face and you only get one of them so if you are going to get anything done you have to trust their expertise. 

Whilst I have family members who read my blog, my Dad in particular (hi Dad 👋🏼) I am sometimes reluctant to say how I really feel but with that said, I'll always pride myself on my honesty. Since the age of 15, I've always wanted bigger boobs. I've never really felt like a woman and whilst I've never looked at my friends in a jealous way, I've always been slightly envious of those with bigger boobs. With a naturally slim frame, I know that an exceptionally large bust wouldn't suit me but equally it would be nice to not feel completely flat chested. I mean I've had all the comments from pancake chest, fried eggs, raisins, flat pack. You name it, I've heard it or had it said to me in a jokey way. I have touched on the subject numerous times with some of my closest friends and more often than not they say they I am perfect as I am and as such my small boobs suit my frame. But equally they know it is something that effects my overall confidence. Despite being my body, I worry about what others would think especially if I were to go through with the operation. With the nature of social media, it's natural for followers to become invested in you and your life. As such, having a boob job is something that would be quite hard to hide. I've had friends who have had it done who are also bloggers and the response they've had has quite frankly been nothing but positive. To me, it is still big deal though. It's a major operation that takes months to recover from. 

Without going into too much detail, for a long time I would keep my bra on with my ex boyfriend because I was that self conscious about the way I looked without one. Whilst I've never been for a consultation,  breast enlargement is definitely something I would consider in the future as means of making me feel more bodily confident. It's not even a case of wanting to get my boobs out for guys to look at because realistically that isn't really my style and I'm edging closer to the dirty thirty mark. It would be 100% something I would do for me. The only thing is, it's something I wish I had considered at a younger age because as such it would impact both my work and would also mean I'd have to take several months out of the gym. As such fitness had become a new found love of mine and the sheer thought of not being able to train for a few months honestly makes me feel quite anxious. That, along with the fear of having to break the news to my parents is also something that has prevented me from going through with the operation as I know they wouldn't approve. They wouldn't approve due to the stigma attached to having a boob job but after all I'm not looking to look like a page three glamour model either. I mean not to offend anyone who has had a boob job but sometimes it is not portrayed in a positive way. 

I'll be the first to admit that I think my job has a massive effect on the way I feel about the way I look.  Putting that into writing seems a little sad. Sad that a job can affect you in that way but at the same time I love what I do which may seem like a contradiction. Like any job, it has its negatives and that is the downside of mine. Promoting myself on social media and having most of my work in photo form can be a little daunting at times. There will be days where I just feel so sick of looking at myself. I'll pick out flaws and compare myself to others but equally as I've gotten a little older I have become more confident with myself. I think it boils down to accepting who you are a little more and that ultimately you're not going to change. That or a face transplant which lets face it, isn't really going to happen. 

So whilst there are little tweaks you can have here and there to improve your looks what happened to ageing gracefully? Is it the modern day pressure to look good all the time or the fact that other people are having procedures done that are normalising them? Most of these procedures do come with a hefty price tag but if you had an endless supply of money would you go ahead and have them done? Personally, I know where I draw the line but everyones line is different. Does it boil down to personality? Are those seeking perfection more likely to normalise cosmetic surgery in a bid to reach what they deem as perfection? Who knows but I would love to know your views on it all and whether cosmetic surgery is still a taboo subject or whether it has in fact become todays norm.

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  1. As a fellow small chested girl I completely understand how you’re feeling. I found your content through Sophie and even though I didn’t immediately notice we have a similar chest, seeing your fashion posts really inspired me to change up the way I dress. As I was shopping the other day for some Summer clothes I got a little emotional, I was trying on some items that I thought would never look pretty on me - but I looked amazing and I felt tears whelling up. I see a confident person in you, posing in swimwear, crop tops, dresses and work out gear - which are all things I never really wanted to wear because of my small boobs and that is changing now, because of the beautiful and brilliant blogger that you are. I realise that ‘being an inspiration’ will probably not change your feelings about your chest and if you’re gonna go for the implants, more power to you! I’d be happy for you. Don’t feel like you need anyone’s approval when it comes to cosmetic surgery :) you are a grown woman and you can do what you want. Thank you for this post and have a lovely weekend. Love from Brussels Xxx

    1. Thank you so much lovely, your comment really is so sweet and the fact that you refer to me as being an inspiration is one of the nicest things I have read. So thank you for that and also thank you for sharing on Twitter too. It really means a lot. xx

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