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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Tear Trough Filler With Viva Skin Clinics

I feel an underlying need to justify myself in today's post and why I decided to undergo a treatment of tear trough filler. I'm not even sure why exactly, but when you promote certain things online you can be presented with a certain backlash. Cosmetic surgery is still a very taboo subject and some are very against having things done to their face period. Judgement aside, if you're doing something for yourself and to ultimately improve your own self confidence I don't think you need to justify it to anyone. As long as you are doing it for yourself that's all that should matter. Having tear trough filler was just that, to improve my overall confidence without makeup and to hopefully banish those eye bags for good. Whilst I wasn't expecting miracles, I was hoping for a visible difference which is why I wanted to share it with you in this post. 

For years, I have suffered from dark circles under my eyes. It's definitely hereditary and unfortunately something I get from my father for sure. I could have a string of early nights and still wake up looking tired. The term haggard springs to mind and when I haven't had enough sleep you can REALLY tell. I've tried all the concealers under the sun and spent more money than I care to admit on eye brightening creams and serums. Almost always I'm presented with utter disappointment when they simply do not do what they say on the packet and I just feel like I've thrown money out of the window. This insecurity affected me so badly that at times I think this is why I would always wear sunglasses in photos for Instagram photos. 

After speaking to a few people who had the procedure done themselves, I knew it was something I wanted to undergo myself. Whilst it can be a fairly expensive treatment, starting from around £350, it doesn't require too much maintenance unlike say lip fillers for example. 

After months of deliberating, I decided that I wanted to finally go ahead with tear trough filler to help reduce the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. What is tear trough filler you may ask? Essentially, this non-surgical procedure involves the use of filler to plumpen the skin around the eye from underneath to tighten and flatten out lines under the eye area. This consequently greatly reduces the depth of under eye bags. Results are believed to last between 9 to 12 months and ultimately is supposed to make you feel like a real life sleeping beauty or that you've had a good nights sleep at least. Obviously results can vary from person to person depending on how bad your eye bags are. 

I was actually approached by Viva Skin clinics to have the treatment done in exchange for social coverage and to review the treatment but I want to reiterate that I was actually going to pay for the treatment myself as it's something I had wanted done for a while. 

The thing I was most apprehensive about with regards to having tear trough filler was the needle that is used to inject the filler under your eye area which is why I put it off for so long. I'm actually pretty petrified of needles and always put off blood tests for this very reason. Terrible I know. So having this treatment done was definitely confronting my fear of needles head on. 

Ok so I'll be completely honest with you because after all I want to help anyone who wishes to have the procedure done themselves. I've had two sessions because my dark circles were pretty bad, especially in the inner corners of my eyes. The first time around I had 1 mil of dermo filler injected into each eye and then a follow up treatment roughly 5 weeks later which for me really made all of the difference, particularly when I wasn't wearing any makeup. For the second treatment, Dr. Rupert used 0.8 mil around each eye and overall the results were a lot more visible. I think when it comes to having filler, it's definitely a case of less is more. 

Below is a photo post first session of having tear trough filler. I don't have any eye makeup on and as you can see from the photos I did have a little bit of redness around my eye area. 

Below are before and after photos of the top up I had about 5 weeks later. Dr. Rupert advised that I have two sessions because as mentioned my eye bags were quite bad. As you can see from the first photo the darkness under my eyes is definitely more noticeable in the inner corners of my eyes. I purposely haven't put a filter on or edited these photos so you can see the the exact results I experienced. Again I'm not wearing any concealer under my eyes so this is a true representation of my dark circles and eye bags. 

Below is after the second treatment I had. Again, I do have a little bit of redness under my eyes and around my cheek area but this is to be expected after the incisions made with the needle and the nature of pushing the filler under your eyes. Personally, the second treatment made all the difference for me and I'd happily go out without any concealer under my eyes in the photo below. Overall, it has made me feel way more confident to go makeup free because I feel like I look way less tired and this was always my main concern with not wearing concealer. 

The treatment itself doesn't really hurt as such, it's more uncomfortable. This is mainly because you're  conscious of the needle being so close to your eye and you can actually hear the filler going in, which naturally is a weird sensation. Dr. Rupert was amazing throughout the whole procedure though and completely made me feel at ease. A little bit of pressure is applied which does feel slightly uncomfortable as the filler is moved into place under your eye but it's 100% manageable. Two small incisions are made at the top of either cheek and naturally the filler needs to be pushed up into place. As mentioned before, it isn't painful as such just uncomfortable and I guess you have to think of it in a way that even if it is painful, it's totally worth it in the long run. Plus the whole procedure takes around ten minutes which in the grand scheme of things is nothing. 

I would actually say that the second treatment I had was slightly painful, more so under my right eye, well compared to the first anyways but I definitely feel that Dr. Rupert made the whole procedure much more bearable because he is so lovely. It definitely makes all the difference in my opinion. 
If you are thinking of having this procedure done, I would definitely recommend it. I will stress with any non-surgical and surgical procedure it is important to think about the decision carefully and not to feel pressures of society or conform to such pressures in any way. As mentioned at the start of this post, I had this procedure done to give myself more confidence especially without makeup as I've always been conscious of my eye bags from a very young age. Having tear trough filler has definitely done just that and sometimes I feel that you cannot put a price on a confidence boost. I'm going to re-evaluate the results after 9-12 months to see if I feel the need to have the procedure done again but as such if I feel the need to I will because I'm really happy with the overall results. 

If you have any specific questions that you feel I haven't covered in this post then feel free to DM me on Instagram or leave a comment on this post and I will of course get back to you. 

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Special thanks to VIVA skin clinics and Dr. Rupert for this treatment. 


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