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Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Three Night City Break To Marrakech

You may have seen from my Instagram that I recently spent three amazing nights in Marrakech with my Instagram wife Sophie Milner. We stayed at the absolutely beautiful Riad Be and when I'm telling you this is an Instagram paradise aka absolute interior goals, I am by no means exaggerating. I was so utterly mesmerised by everything and the staff were so welcoming and accommodating to us and all their guests. It is hands down one of the nicest places I have ever stayed at and I cannot wait to go back in the future. Hopefully sooner rather than later might I add. In today's post, I have not only included my outfits (obvs) but also some of my personal recommendations for any of you who may be visiting Marrakech anytime soon. Everything in Marrakech is so beautiful and vibrant that returning back to rainy London has given me the all time holiday blues. 

Exploring the Souks

Visiting the souks whilst in Marrakech is a no brainer. I would 100% recommend arranging a tour guide though, which can be done directly through your hotel/riad especially if you are travelling as a small group. For half a day we paid Ali our tour guide (who spoke perfect English) 450 Moroccan Dirham plus a tip because he was so nice which equates to just under £35. Ali took us to the best places and also gave us some of his top tips for getting a bargain. Don't look overly interested in anything, always be prepared to haggle but take your time when making a decision. After all the sellers can spot tourists a mile off and will try and get as much money out of you as possible. There is so much choice that you want to make sure you pick up only the best whilst bagging yourself a good bargain. Just a little word of warning, a day trip to the souks involves a lot of walking so wear your comfy shoes. Another good thing to note here is what you should wear. Make sure your knees and shoulders are covered when you go to the souks and also that you wear closed toe shoes. 

Whilst in Marrakech I only managed to pick up a few bits mainly because of a restrictive baggage allowance, so if you're looking to do some serious shopping I'd advise checking in an empty case. I really wish I had done this. I picked up two beautiful cushion covers and a leather pouffe but am a little gutted that I didn't have enough space for a Lahandira. Everything I managed to get down in price and I certainly put my haggling skills to the test. Just as a rough estimate, I paid 200 Dirham per cushion cover down from about 400/450 and I paid 250 Dirham for my leather pouffe down from 400. Whilst there are plenty of cash machines dotted around, they are busy and aside from in restaurants and bars you'll have to pay for most things with cash. This is definitely the case in the souks. 

You'll find all kinds of things in the souks from cushion covers, rugs, leather goods and sandals to Moroccan spices and baclava. Sophie and I bought a massive 1kg box of assorted baclava and Moroccan sweets to share for a mere 100 Dirham and we stuffed our faces at the end of the day leaving us feeling rather sick. With that said, it was definitely worth the tummy ache.

There really is so much to look at and you'll leave feeling inspired to add some traditional Moroccan decor to your house I am sure. You'll totally feel like you've been transported into Aladdin's cave. If you are in the market for a straw bag which are everywhere for Summer in the UK right now, I would advise waiting until you get to Marrakech as they have so many amazing ones which you can pick up for a fraction of the price in all shapes and sizes. 

Things to do

I touched on visiting the souks above but there is so much you can do when you are in Marrakech depending on where you are staying too. Sophie and I stayed in the old town where you will hear the call to prayer but I have heard that the new town is a lot more modernised. Personally, if you are going to Marrakech it is to absorb the amazing culture this country has to offer but obviously it's personal preference. I have heard that in terms of nightlife the new town is a lot more lively.

I'd definitely say that Marrakech is more of a get up and go kind of holiday but equally all the riads are so beautiful that you can laze around the pool with a good book and soak up the sun. After being faced with snow in London, the 22 degree heat which actually felt more like 30 degrees to be honest was definitely not something to turn your nose up at. I actually felt like a real life cat who boasts a cheshire grin when they laze like madams in the sun.

If you have enough time, I would 100% recommend a day trip to the Atlas mountains and also a camel ride of some kind but Sophie and I simply didn't have enough time as we also wanted to create some amazing content too and eat ALL of the yummy Moroccan food. Sophie and Gemma eat their way through Marrakech....no surprises there.

Make sure you visit Le Jardin Secret especially if you are heading into the souks as it's really close by. The grounds are absolutely breath taking and the photos below were actually taken inside.

If you have time I would recommend going to the Yves Saint Laurent museum where you'll also get to experience the Foundation Jardin Majorelle however unfortunately, Sophie and I didn't have time to do this but I will definitely make sure I make a trip when I am next in Marrakech. 

Places to Eat

I would 100% recommend booking a table at Nomad. A roof top restaurant overlooking Marrakech and the Atlas mountings the view is quite simply breathtaking if you couldn't already tell from the photos above and the food is also great too. Soph and I both went for the chicken breast marinated in spiced herb infused yoghurt served alongside grilled vegetables with house made harissa and chermoula with a side of herb infused organic gluten free "green" cous cous. Sounds worthy of an M&S advert, don't you think? Just a little heads up, Nomad don't serve alcohol (on the roof top anyways) but the coffee, mint tea and fresh juices are amazing.

I really don't know what it is about the mint tea in Marrakech but it actually tastes incredible. I found myself wanting to purchase a Moroccan tea set with accompanying silver tray even though in hindsight I probably would never use it at home. Insert crying emoji. 

Le Jardin was a place Sophie and I visited twice whilst in Marrakech. The Kefta Tagine (pictured below) we had both times which was delicious. Situated in the centre of the souks it's a perfect pit stop and you'll literally feel as though you have stepped into an enchanted garden. Tables are placed around lots of exotic looking plants and you'll even see the odd tortoise or two. This place really does live up to its name of Le Jardin (french for Garden for those who didn't know). 

Cafe ArabĂ© did one of the best chicken tagines I have ever tried which came with a very generous portion of cous cous, sultanas and dates. Definitely a dish on the sweeter side but one that satisfied my taste buds that's for sure. With a vast array of cocktails on the menu I would 100% recommend trying the espresso martinis if you like coffee of course. Cafe ArabĂ© also have a roof top bar which would be ideal for an early dinner to watch the sunset over some delicious food and cocktails. 

As you can probably tell from this post when it comes to clothing I opted for long floaty dresses and skirts as well as wide leg trousers. As Marrakech is a Muslim country you need to be respectable of the religion and culture as a whole. Whilst I do feel it is generally more relaxed than when I visited three years ago, as a rule your knees or shoulders should be covered, preferably both. I would also take a bag big enough to fit a cardigan or light jacket as it got chilly in the evenings too. It is definitely not a lets walk around in hot pants kind of holiday but I actually really liked this and it gave me a chance to feel a lot more elegant and dare I say sophisticated. Oh la la. 

So there you have it, my guide to Marrakech. I hope you all enjoyed and I all the product details to the outfits featured in today's post can be found below. Of course if you have any specific questions, leave a comment below and I will of course get back to you.

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I also filmed a Marrakech look book of all my favourite items I wore whilst on holiday so make sure you check it out by clicking on the thumbnail below and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!



  1. Morocco looks so good! I just love all your outfits. The white dress is just perfect xxx

  2. What do you take your photos with? They’re gorgeous! X x

    1. For this blog post I switched between the Google Pixel and my iPhone :) x

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your amazing Morocco tours experience :)


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