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Friday, 9 February 2018

Date Night Vs Mate Night: Which Do You Choose This Valentine's Day?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner will you be spending it with a boy or your single gals? Suddenly Beyoncé's infamous lyrics 'all the single ladies, now put your hands up' pops into my head because I am just that, a single girl. For the first time in a very long time, it's not something that I feel ashamed of either. This is probably due to the fact that Valentine's Day really has steered away from an annual holiday typically associated with smug couples. I love it when I see emails ping into my inbox from PR's with the title GALENTINE'S DAY. It makes me just want to say a massive hell yeah to girl power and being single. It also symbolises that Valentine's Day as a whole is modernising to encompass celebrating relationships, be that romantic or not. Anyone else with me?

So whether you're spending it with the girls or being wined and dined by your boyfriend, it's definitely important to make yourself feel a little bit special on Valentine's Day. Particularly us singletons who are worried that as Bridget Jones would put it will "die alone and be eaten by Alsatians." 

In today's post I have partnered with Debenhams to show you how to stay stylishly sassy this Valentine's Day whether you're in love or not. I mean after all they say in order to be capable of loving someone else you must love yourself first and this definitely starts with your outfit. I must say I absolutely love this overall look and it makes me feel all kinds of sophisticated and confident. Not only am I a huge fan of tea dresses like this polka dot wrap over version but I also love how versatile they are. Paired with a stiletto heel and you've got yourself a dressy look that's suitable for pretty much any occasion. Now I may have gone all V-Day cliché on you with this red oversized coat (which FYI is now just £30 in the sale!) but it wouldn't be Valentine's or shall I say Galentine's Day in my case without a pop of red. If I'm not going to be receiving any roses this year then I might as well dress like one giant rose instead. Whilst I have far too much outerwear than I care to admit, I absolutely love this oversized red coat and cannot wait to wear it more as we transition into spring. If that ever happens, I mean yesterday I woke up and it was actually -1 degrees. WTF?! I mean if anything says girl power it's an extravagant display of red outerwear so naturally I'm all for this pop of red. 

Whilst Valentine's Day is typically an annual holiday celebrating the love two people share for one another, upon reflection I feel that I have a lot to be thankful for this V-Day. I've got an amazing group of girl friends who I love dearly and whilst they're keen for me to find a nice man equally we don't feel bad for being single. Ironically, most of my friends are actually loved up with a partner of the opposite sex but this doesn't send me into a frenzy of panic. Everyone is on their own path and I'm confident I'll find the man of my dreams one day. As my grandma would say, "he'll come to you when you least expect it darling" so as cringe as it might sound I'll let cupid play cupid and focus on the amazing relationships I currently do have in my life. 

Whilst I will say there is someone that I do have feelings for, this Valentine's Day I'll be spending it with my single girls and perhaps trading in the rose for a protein shake (I'm reluctant to give too much away). My night will probably entail a cheeky Deliveroo order of a yummy main course AND equally delicious dessert and binging on sex and the city over a few glasses of prosecco, or two or even three who knows. Where's the I don't know emoji when you need her. 

As you must all know by now I absolutely love clothes and the process of putting looks together. More often than not I actually don't tend to put too much thought into my outfits as I don't like something that is too put together. With that said, there is a confidence that comes with a good outfit especially when you feel amazing in something you have pieced together yourself. In my eyes, there's no better excuse than to dress up and feel confident than on Valentine's Day. Even if this just involves making a little bit more effort for work than you usually would, it's a step in the right direction for a happier, more confident you. If your V-Day plans have you going from desk to dinner/drinks then this outfit is perfect. Simply switch the flats for a stiletto heel and a swipe of lipstick will definitely do the trick.  Not to mention a spritz of your favourite perfume just to make you feel like you're ready to SLAY everyday. Debenhams absolutely spoilt me this Valentine's Day with a surprise duck egg blue box. Girls, you will know exactly what this means. Yep it was indeed a Tiffany & Co. perfume. Whilst the beautiful blue box may not have been a sparkling ring, the perfume which smells incredible was also just the thing I needed in time for Valentine's Day to have me smelling gorgeous day and night. 

So if you're not 100% sure of your plans this Valentine's Day why not focus on your outfit instead. Whilst this outfit provides the perfect amount of sophistication for any Valentine's Day soirees, I will definitely wear it again post V-Day. I wouldn't normally think to put navy and red together but I absolutely love this look. 

So whether you're a single pringle or taken bacon, how will you be spending your Valentine's Day this year? I'd love to know. More importantly a massive happy Valentine's Day from me to you. 

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This post was in collaboration with Debenhams. All words, styling and photography are my own. 


  1. You are looking gorgeous babe! I love the polka dots with the red coat!


  2. This outfit is just GAWGEOUS! The red suits you so well!


    Ellie xx

  3. I so wish that I had have thought to celebrate with my friends when I was single. I remember always hating the whole day and feeling like I'd rather stay in and hide. We don't tend to do much as a couple for it, but celebrating friendship is such a good way to turn the day into something a lot more fun. And haha, I tend to dress up more to go hang out with my friends anyway! Definitely!
    xx Jenelle

  4. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day and despite having a boyfriend I’m really not fussed by it! But you’re so right, love that it’s shifted from just overly pda couples, cringy cards and teddies that nobody really wants to celebrating all types of relationships 💓
    EVHXO | A Postcard from Paris


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