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Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Ultimate Girls Night In With RumChata

I don’t know about you but when the temperature plummets I favour a girls night in time and time again. There is something very appealing about being in the comfort of your own home, central heating cranked up, pjs on, candles burning and conjuring up some delicious cocktails for an evening full of fun. I mean who doesn’t want to be a cocktail connoisseur at some stage in their adult life?! Shake that cocktail shaker like a polaroid picture spring to mind? Sometimes there really is nothing better than catching up with your favourite HUN(s) and sipping on some delicious cocktails to get the weekend off to a good start. It’s not called FRI-YAY for no reason now is it. This is exactly what I am doing with Soph in today’s post, so here’s a little cheers to some sophistication, tasty cocktails and the ultimate girls night in pj slumber party. 

As you all know, Sophie and I are pretty much glued at the hip these days. If you’ve watched our many Instagram stories then you’ll know we both love a girly night in as well as a big night out. I mean anything that involves alcohol and we're pretty much game. My Instagram wifey, friend and partner in crime all intertwined in one. Previous nights out have resulted in us coming home to be greeted with a 16 topping pizza, yes you read that correctly (Sophie’s doing not mine might I add). So it seemed only fitting that perhaps it was good to switch things up a little and have a girly night in. Why on earth wouldn’t I want to spend a night in with this one? I mean she’s not too bad looking on the eye either and it's basically an excuse to sport matching silky pyjamas and what better excuse than that?! So that’s exactly what we're doing in today’s post with a cocktail or two. OK who am I kidding it really is not going to be just two. I mean it’s us we’re talking about and we don’t do anything half heartedly so it’s definitely a good opportunity to put our cocktail making skills to the test with RumChata. I have a slight confession to make, Sophie's definitely the better cocktail maker out of the two of us. I mean she makes a pretty damn good white russian using RumChata. 

Celebrating friendship and ironically the end of the weekend as well as the festive season with RumChata which FYI is an absolute delicious Rum based (if the name hadn’t already given it away) cream liqueur. Cue cuter than cute black silky pjs, eye masks and Taylor Swift on repeat the cocktails are going to be floooooooowing. The real question is do you like your RumChata cocktail shaken or stirred?

To make the ultimate girls night in cocktails we’ve got cocktail shakers, coffee liquer (because who doesn’t love an espresso martini or two), vodka and RumChata not forgetting snacks and who does love popcorn. The hardest part is definitely deciding on a cocktail of choice especially when you just want to try them all.  As we are now in the month of December and Christmas is fast approaching there is nothing I love more than a festive inspired cocktail. Anyone else the same? If this doesn’t take your fancy you can check out the array of cocktails you can make with RumChata and their amazing recipes here. I really like the sound of ‘Pumpkin Spice’ which comprises of two parts RumChata and one part pumpkin spice liquor poured over plenty of ice. My kind of cocktail if you ask me. I mean aside from the Christmas tree which we will sure as hell be dancing around all you need now is a few gingerbread men and you’re basically set for the perfect Christmas night in. With December being a jam packed crazy month of Christmas parties and events, sometimes it's nice to wind down at home which is why in today's post I favour a GNI (girls night in). 

So the question I want to know is what do you prefer? A girls night out or a girls night in? Why not grab yourself a bottle of RumChata and try some of the amazing cocktails recipes which you can see here. Remember folks drink responsibly. 

This post was sponsored by RumChata. All words and styling are my own. Photography by Rebecca Spencer.

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  1. This looks increeible! I'd have to say I'm a girls night out kind of gal, but I do love the occasional pamper night! xx


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