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Friday, 13 October 2017

The Social Media Generation And Its Knock On Effects

Guilty of spending too much time on social media? I bet I already know the answer to that. The amount of time I spend procrastinating swiping through Instagram, having a nosey at others Instagram stories is quite frankly a little concerning. Then there's Twitter, Facebook and all the other apps that lets face it are time wasters. I mean it's quite worrying that I'm drawn a blank with the last time I actually picked up a book and if anything it's a little bit of a wake up call. Has being on our phones become an addiction? I actually think it has and I'm starting to think it's a little bit sad. 

I've touched on the topic of social media before and its negative effects on self esteem so I won't go into too much detail again. One thing I will say though is that I'm hearing more and more frequently how badly social media is making people feel about themselves. Not just their looks but also the lifestyle they lead and ultimately self comparison which leads to a very unhealthy mindset. I'm guilty of doing it in the past and I'm sure you are too. Time and time again, I need to remind myself that people are not going to post a bad picture of themselves nor are they going to divulge how awful they might feel at that moment in time. Rather, they will put on a front and paint the picture that their life is amazing. Wouldn't it be more real if the person was just that? REAL. I'd like to think so. We are all human after all, we all have our down days but why is it that social media can make you feel as though you want to trade lives with one that seems far more glossier than yours? What you really need to ask yourself though is it actually better? I think for that social media is definitely to blame. Don't you?

A friend of mine made a good point recently. You should follow people who inspire you and perhaps bring a positive element to your day. Why are we following Instagrammers, celebrities and influencers who make us feel bad about ourselves? Perhaps clicking the unfollow button does sound a bit cut throat but if it's actually making you feel unhappy then I don't need to tell you the course of action you should take. You don't need to follow people just because the world and his wife are. I personally follow a range of people from micro influencers to the big dogs with the blue verified tick. To me followers is just a number and what really matters is the individuals content and whether it is something that I want to see and find intriguing. Steering away from fashion for a second, one influencer who I think does this incredibly well is Chessie King. I will read every single word of her captions which are usually quite lengthly and am most certainly left feeling uplifted and good about myself. Chessie often speaks about body image, the acne that we shouldn't but still get in our late twenties and the dreaded bloat. Some girls wouldn't dream to post an unflattering photo of themselves bloated AF but you know what this is reality and it sure does make me feel more normal. Definitely more normal than looking like a shiny disco ball. I mean what girl really wears that much makeup out of the house anyways? Surely reality or should I say normality is why we should follow accounts like this in the first place? Sadly, social media has made people famous purely on the way they look which makes us out to be an incredibly shallow generation at that. Have you ever stumbled across an account on Instagram and scrolled down a few seconds and just been presented with selfie after selfie after selfie? Moreover are you left thinking why has this girl got 500k+ followers? Granted she may look amazing and probably is #goals but to me this isn't inspiring. What I'm really left thinking is did you really wake up like that? Or did it take you 5 hours to get ready?!

It doesn't stop there either. As a generation who are so engrossed in our phones, we all want the latest shiny versions in rose gold might I add (insert sassy, hand to the side emoji). Annoyingly I upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus about a month ago before knowing about the release date of the iPhone 8 which was just 2 weeks apart. A massive school boy error on my part that's for sure. I think as a millennial generation we've become too engrossed in our smart phones that we are consequently glued to them. They've become so intrinsic to who we are that when we lose it, it feels as though we've lost a limb. I know I check social media more than I should and it makes me feel guilty at the amount of time I waste doing so too. I hate to think I've become one of those annoying people who almost head butts you in the street because they're practically face planting their phone screen. Please let that not be me. My dad would shake his head in absolute disapproval because I know it's a pet hate of his. Just like a date sitting down and putting his phone on the table. It shouldn't be done but why do we still do it?! 

I don't know about you but I rely so heavily on my phone, even to wake me up in the morning. I mean does anyone even own an alarm clock these days? That annoying alarm sound you want to throw out the window when it first goes off at 7:30am sharp is actually my saviour for getting me out of bed first thing in the morning. You don't realise how reliant you are on your phone until you lose it or worse have it stolen. There's the photos you forgot to back up to your iCloud account, the personal details you keep in the notes section of your phone from online banking pins to angry messages drafted to ex boyfriends. Really we should be more sensible with what we store on our phones. Agreed?

Whilst social media is a vital part of what I do as a blogger/influencer, I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up in it all. The pressure to document your life so heavily when you also left thinking does anyone actually care? I think ultimately, it's important to take such things with a pinch of salt. Whilst social media has become a fundamental element of the millennial generation and their day to day lives, I think it's important that it is used for the greater good. Life and its obstacles can be depressing enough so is anyone else with me on the positive vibes only front? I think perhaps it's about time to have a social media refresh and say goodbye to the things that are making me feel bad about myself. As cut throat as this may sound, I think ultimately it will lead to a happier me but also a happier you. 

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  1. I loved this post and agree with pretty much every word of it. I definitely spend too long on my phone and have ended up with demons that I feel I am constantly fighting because of it. Well said Gemma xx

  2. This post is an amazing one and full of things that are truly amazing and true too at the same time. Great fashion sense you got by the way.


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