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Friday, 6 October 2017

Mixing Things Up For Autumn

Stuck in that transitional rut between Summer and Autumn? Don't worry you're not alone. When it's still relatively mild outside the question I find I frequently ask myself is do I take a jacket? Do I risk it for a chocolate biscuit and instantly regret it? Will a chunky knit suffice? Well it probably will if it is as chunky as the one worn in todays post. Just call me chunky monkey. Come winter I find I pretty much bury myself in the chunkiest of jumpers. The chunkier the better in my eyes. 

Getting off the subject of chunky knitted jumpers, you may have noticed (or not) a small change with regards to my hair. Cue sassy hair lady emoji. Roughly two weeks ago, I decided to say bye bye to my blonde balayage and opt for a darker shade for the Autumn/Winter months. So say hello to my darker somewhat more brunette balayage. I revisited Live True London in Clapham (just a stones throw away from Clapham North tube station) and Mattia did my hair again. Whilst I am very happy with the overall look and love how natural and blended it appears, I must admit I do love the blonde balayage I had previously. In my opinion it brightens up my face but the brunette is definitely fitting for this time of year with the seasons changing and is definitely a nice change. I feel like I haven't had dark hair for some time now, so naturally it's going to take a little getting used to. At the moment I'm still looking in the mirror and hardly recognising myself. Are any of you considering a darker colour change for Autumn/Winter?

Talking all things Autumn, how cute is this chunky knitted jumper paired with a red lip and matching nails? I also was lucky enough to be treated to a shellac manicure at the Live True London salon in Vauxhall and couldn't be happier. I was debating on getting a nude polish as this colour goes with everything but I was so gravitated to this coraly-red that I just couldn't resist. I am sure every girl can relate with me when saying it is such a nice treat to have your hair and nails done. 

I dare not say the word festive but this jumper really does have festive season written all over it. I really don't know what it is about red that instantly makes me think of Christmas. Festive season aside and my sheer horror that I actually saw Christmas cards AND mince pies in my local Sainsbury's just two days ago, red is a major colour of the season. To be honest, you really can't beat a good old pop of red and this jumper was love at first sight. It's oversized and makes a statement. What's not to love?

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I've also included two photos below taken at the salon on the day I had my hair done. If only I could create this loose wave at home myself but I'm absolutely loving how natural blended the balayage looks. What are your thoughts on my new hair?



  1. I like having some lighter parts to my hair as well, it definitely frames my face and I find can be better in photos. I am tempted to go a little lighter soon, but then I was also thinking of cutting a fringe. We will see how it goes.
    Love the red knit with the gold pieces and your Gucci!
    xx Jenelle

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  4. I really love her fashion sense. Especially that red cardigan it really pops and i am pretty sure that it would look very sexy in my sister. Good job hunnie! you rock!


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