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Monday, 9 October 2017

Are You Guilty Of Living Above Your Means?

So it's 7pm on a Sunday evening and the productive day you had planned has resulted in a let's stay in your pyjamas and have a duvet kind of day. Sound familiar? You're hungry and there's no food in the house, do you fire up your laptop and head straight to Deliveroo? #GUILTYAF because that's exactly what I am anticipating doing right now and has also spurred me to write this blog post. If you've become slightly frivolous with money as of late then this post might be the wake up call you need. 

As I sit and write this post, it suddenly dawns on me. Have we become a bit of a princess generation? It seems that we may have become accustomed to treating ourselves a little too often. The I've had a bad day so lets head straight to the ASOS website and drop £150 in the blink of an eye sound vaguely familiar? Better still your one year ASOS premier delivery that set you back a mere £9.99 will mean your DPD driver will place a very shiny black and white parcel in your hands within an hour time window the next day. I mean girls how many times have you been guilty of placing an online order because you're going out at the weekend and want something new to wear. Did you actually need another LBD or did you just order it because you wanted it or shall I say wanted to look good in it?

It doesn't stop there, the Ubers which were once a late night luxury to get you from that grimy club with the sticky floors you were at on a Friday night safely to your front door (perhaps via a McDonalds drive thru if you were able to bribe your driver with a box of chicken nuggets - and YES I have!) have now turned into an option to get you from A to B when City Mapper estimates a journey time of over 30 minutes. I know you are probably guilty of this too. I can probably bet money on it that you went into a state of panic when you heard about Uber potentially being stripped of their London licence recently too. Does that actually mean you'd have to consider taking the night bus? Then there's the Deliveroo's, Uber Eats, Hungry House or Just Eat orders that become a 2-3 night pattern because CBA to actually go to the supermarket and buy food to cook. I mean is anyone else thinking effort with a capital E? But what I ask myself is how and why have we become so privileged? I mean granted life is for living but is all of this bordering on ridiculous? Or are we simply happy with paying for sheer convenience? 

I now don't even bat an eyelid at handing over £3 for an Oat milk Flat White which come to think of it is only 6oz of coffee and milk combined which some may classify as daylight robbery. The hilarious "how much?!" springs to mind. On some days, I don't even think twice about buying two of these which if I do my calculations correctly equates to approximately £1560 on coffee a year!!! Not only is that absurd but it's also roughly the price of a Gucci handbag. A GUCCI HANDBAG! Putting that into writing actually makes me feel a little sick but if someone told me to go to Gregg's for a 99p filter coffee I'd laugh in their face. Not only have I become a coffee snob but am I also guilty of wasting money too?

Are we to blame for this mindset? Moreover has it become our generations norm? My grandma always used to say to me 'Gemsy, a fool and their money are soon parted'. I get that this is a slightly older generations mindset but my grandparents have told me countless times that if they couldn't afford it, they'd go without. In today's day and age (god I sound old) going without seems like almost a crime. Or perhaps it comes down to how strict or dare I say realistic you are with yourself.

With credit cards and finance so readily available we live in a buy now, pay later mind set. I do have a credit card and yes I have certainly been guilty of using it on more than one occasion when I know I don't really have the money to be extravagant. By extravagant I mean booking a holiday or buying that silk wrap dress I know I shouldn't. In all honesty nobody likes the thought of having to go without, especially when others around you are treating themselves to small luxuries. One could argue it's a rather frivolous mindset to adopt but it's also hard to say no when such things are so readily available. I'm aware that this post makes me come across incredibly materialistic and I'm really not but I think so many people, myself included are guilty of this at some point. Obviously some are far worse than others but is it really that surprising that so many people are now living out of their overdrafts? We want this fancy, all convenient lifestyle but our wages don't necessarily match up to this. 

I even ordered a Monzo card in the attempt to help myself budget and be slightly stricter when it comes to spending, but like anything I think I was sucked into the sheer fact that that little pink card was just that...pink. Terrible I know. Needless to say, I've hardly used it or more so had it as a back up and I'm still no better off for it. In all honesty, I found something slightly daunting about receiving a notification on my iPhone every time I used contactless to pay for something but I guess that's the whole point of the cards existence, to make you more aware of your spending. Clearly this is not something I like to be reminded of. 

Whilst I am a firm believer of working hard and treating yourself what I am trying to get at in today's post is have we lost sight of the value of money and essentially become a materialistic generation? I know when I recently moved out I was so astounded by how much stuff I had accumulated and it really hit home that over the years I have seriously wasted my money. From online shopping to eating out do you think that it's time to start being a little more frugal with money? It might be a step in the right direction to getting us out of generation renting anyways. I'd love to know your thoughts and whether you too are guilty of wasting money. 

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  1. I think we are a generation that very much lives in the now. Back in the days everyone had to wait and sometimes save for a really long time to, pretty much, buy or do anything. We don't want to wait and we don't have to. Have we become a bit wreckless? Absolutely, but I don't feel guilty about it :) I don't think that we enjoy things less, the world is just a different place now and everything changes all the time, there is no 'later' cause that means it will be gone :D

  2. Love your new hair by the way babe. And I can say I am guilty! Although my latest expensive purchase I sent back as I though - Do I really need this? The answer was no and I want to start doing that with other purchase decision when it comes to high end! xx

  3. Great blog Gemma, thoroughly enjoyed reading that. I’ve boycotted Batch as their coffee is twice as much as Perfect Blend and half the size!! ��

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