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Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Instagram Wifey

So many of you might wonder what it's actually like being friends with another blogger. Some might automatically assume its a self-absorbed, vain relationship that may come across a little fake and slightly competitive. Am I right in assuming this is what most of you might think?

Forget Instagram husband, it's all about the Instagram wife or shall I say wifey (it has a better ring to it don't cha think?) Everyone meet mine. Her name is Sophie Milner, you may formally know her as Fashion Slave or an absolute BABE as I like to think of her. We've actually not been friends for very long at all but it's a friendship that has blossomed quickly and as far as bloggers go is a real one at that. I say this because (and I mean not to offend anyone here) some bloggers/influencers I feel are friends on the surface but there is some underlying competition that could potentially turn sour. I've heard through the grapevine of other bloggers falling out partly over brand relationships and as such not speaking again. I can hand on heart say this won't happen with Soph. We are very open with each other, often discussing our fees and generally trying to help each other out wherever we can. It's not a competition, it's a friendship.

I mean we've been known to rock up to shoot outfit photos wearing the same slogan tee but we both wear it in such a way that reflects our own individual style that it doesn't matter and let's face it, it's probably from Topshop anyways so the world and his wife are bound to have it too. I also think that you can't be willing to call yourself an influencer and then get pissed off when someone else buys your outfit. I mean we're not 15 years old anymore and if this really bothers you perhaps you shouldn't call yourself an influencer at all. Am I right or am I right?

My Instagram wife tells me when I look good in photos, she nails the shot and also gives me guidance. Believe it or not, despite documenting a large part of my life through pictures actually having a camera pointed in your face can be somewhat intimidating. So to have someone you feel comfortable around is crucial. I've worked with a number of photographers in the past but with Sophie it's so much fun and we can literally just catch up and then grab a coffee or bite to eat once we're done. 

It doesn't stop there, not only will Sophie be my first port of call if I need something shooting urgently or have a tight deadline to work to the girl knows my angles and this is SO important. High five sister. She'll get down on the pavement in a short skirt to get that from below shot, you know the one where you look like a leggy supermodel and I'd do the same for her. It's usually a YES, YES and even bigger YES when we nail the shot too. I try not to over edit my photos because I want to appear as relatable and true as possible but you can't blame a girl for preferring the right side of her face and as such Sophie knows what I like and what I don't like. Also being a blogger herself I guess she knows what makes a good picture and sometimes this input is 100% necessary. I've often had a creative block and Sophie has pointed me in the right direction and basically told me to stand and pose. If that's not creative direction I don't know what is. 

It's not all work and no play either. Whilst we're aware that professionally we need to get stuff done, usually the whole point of us meeting is to shoot for upcoming campaigns or blog post content we have lots of fun too. You should also see our voice notes (usually with regards to the latest F**K boys) which literally have me in stitches, often in the most inappropriate of places. We both share a love for good coffee (admittedly I'm a bit of a coffee snob as Soph likes to put it), cheese, wine and cocktails so naturally it's a friendship that was bound to be off to a good start. Personally an Instagram wife is way better than an Instagram husband anyways (not to mention I'm the singlest of pringles right now). Let's face it men hardly notice when you've changed your hair colour or know the difference between fuchsia and rose but obviously you get an almost jumping for joy, OMG babes you look amazing when you changed your balayage from honey blonde to ashy blonde. You get my drift. When it comes down to it, detail is a fundamental part of the blogging game so to have this in common as well as a mutual understanding is amazing. Not to mention, Sophie really is such a positive person and I'm all about surrounding myself with positive people. 

This post by no means is to put any of my own friends down. Many, mainly Poppy to be fair have helped me out massively over the years when it comes to taking photos for me but sometimes I do feel bad to ask. I hate to feel like I'm asking someone to do something they might not want to do. Maybe this is me being silly or overthinking things a little but I do feel a little awkward sometimes to ask and it can often be frustrating that you have to rely so heavily on someone else to do a fundamental part of your job; content creation. 

There can be something quite uncomfortable and almost cringe worthy about standing in the street and having your picture taken as pedestrians try to pass by awkwardly or just photo bomb you altogether. We've all been there, I mean just head to Oxford Circus any day of the week and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. With Sophie she could shove her Olympus PEN or iPhone in my face to capture that 'candid' shot and I wouldn't think anything of it and vice versa. It's a mutual understanding of what makes a good Instagram shot and I don't mean to sound like a shallow airhead either but in this game imagery is everything. Blogging is a job that I feel still is relatively new and as such others don't know exactly what it entails. Aside from this post talking mainly about photos it's so much more than this but I'll save that for another time. 

So this post may have actually surprised you. If you're a blogger yourself then you'll hands down know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not then perhaps you might understand a little better what it's like for two bloggers to be friends. Imagine your work buddy that puts a smile on your face and generally makes your 9-5 more bearable. Well Sophie is that to me and whilst we both rely on each other, it doesn't feel forced in any way and I actually enjoy it. I'd say one of the hardest aspects of blogging is relying so heavily on someone else to take your photos unless you have a professional photographer. There's only so much a tripod can do and when you want to capture those candid, street style shots in all their Instagram glory, unfortunately a tripod just won't cut it. That's why having an Instagram wifey makes it that little bit easier and the best part is that with it a friendship has blossomed. Really I couldn't have asked for more. 


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