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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Florals With A Touch Of Mustard

Mustard is definitely a colour that seems to be emerging for the upcoming season. A bit like a marmite of the fashion world, you either love it or you hate it. I personally love the colour mustard, and the pop of colour that it brings to any outfit. With that said, I can definitely see why the colour mustard may not be to everyones taste ultimately causing you to shy away from this in your face hue. 

With the weather being a bit hit and miss at the minute it can feel hard to know exactly how to dress in the mornings. Do you risk leaving your jacket at home and then being cold on the commute home?  Or take a jacket and wish you hadn't as you stand like sardines on the underground next to an equally sweaty commuter. I have been known to risk it for a chocolate biscuit but usually kick myself when I'm feeling the chill which is where a faux suede biker jacket like this one saves the day. 

Paired with a summery floral ruffle skirt and you guessed it...another slogan tee this outfit will definitely transition me into Autumn when the weather finally gets cooler for good. I also think that this jacket ties this whole outfit together nicely making it a little more interesting than just a floral skirt and slogan tee combo. If you get my drift. 

I also can't get enough of mustard and denim paired together, its a duo that compliments each other so well and means that this jacket really will see me through to the Autumn months. I can just envisage pairing a soft chunky grey knitted jumper underneath this jacket with some black jeans and an ankle boot and feeling all snug and cosy.  I'm totally not wishing summer away or anything, I'm just clearly a little excited about my new mustard jacket. 

The easiest way to add a touch of mustard to your wardrobe in my opinion is with a piece of outerwear or an accessory. If you're feeling a little bit brave why not jump on the mustard jacket trend and you'll probably be surprised at just how much you like the colour. 

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  1. I could not agree more about mustard being the most used colour now after the millennial pink. Thanks to you I might be buying the mustard jacket and Daniel Wellington watch.

  2. Mules are the sexiest shoes ever! Down here in Aus the girls have no class ~ it's all thongs, flats and blah. No style, no class, no boyfriend! Please come down here British ladies and show these 'girls' how it's done!!


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