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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Maybe It's Time To Cut Yourself Some Slack

"Gemma, why are you so hard on yourself?" A question I find I repeatedly ask myself. Are you the same? I could hands down tell you now that I find it far easier to highlight my faults than to praise any good thing(s) I have achieved. I really don't like to adopt such a negative stance as I'm well aware that it allows people to see a vulnerable side of me which I don't often like to show. I feel as though we live in a society where it's become second nature to compare ourselves to others which in turn can make us question ourselves as individuals and the things we have achieved, or in some cases not achieved. This constant comparison to others can quite frankly become exhausting (not to mention unhealthy) and I'm definitely more prepared to focus on myself, my goals and my own journey. Sometimes in life we just need a little kick up the bum as well as a gentle reminder that we are actually doing ok. So maybe it really is time to start cutting yourself (myself included) some slack starting by enjoying the finer things in life. Naturally I'm talking about chocolate, cheese and wine of course.

Upon reflection, it seems that social media may be partly to blame for feeling as though your life may appear somewhat inadequate. In particular the rise of one of my favourite and most widely used platforms: Instagram. You can read all about my love-hate relationship with Instagram in my previous post here in case you missed it. Whilst Instagram does play a crucial part in my day-to-day job especially as means of promoting myself and my style as a blogger it has on more than one occasion made me feel insecure about myself, my looks and the lifestyle I lead. I only have to scroll a few seconds down my Instagram feed to see half a dozen fitness models or 'Insta-babes' that leave you feeling a little depressed when you're hit with the stark reality that no amount of dieting or exercise will ever make you look that hot. Gemma step away from biscuit tin. It doesn't just end there. The designers bags you want but simply can't afford to have. The dream holiday that is just that....a dream. You're left feeling as though you are at the very bottom of the food chain so to speak. I hate admitting that I compare myself to others because for me this screams jealousy, insecurity, vulnerability and I'm really not a jealous person nor do I have any desire to ever be. I think ultimately, with the line of work I'm in and with blogging being quite a close knit community it's become second nature to compare yourself to others because nobody wants to become irrelevant in the social frenzy that is Instagram. This is one aspect of blogging that quite frankly I hadn't mentally prepared myself for nor have I completely adjusted to either. With that said, I know it can't just be me who feels this way. How can anyone not question themselves and their lives when social media creates the illusion that everyone's life is perfect. That perfect house, that perfect car, that perfect relationship, that perfect body, those perfectly manicured nails to go with that perfect life. It seems Instagram has become one big #GOALS

As I write this, I'm aware I probably come across as massively insecure but at the end of the day I'm just a normal girl who is 100% honest about her feelings. I'd like to think that people would admire my honesty because I sure do admire honesty in others. Whilst I totally agree that honesty is the best policy in pretty much every situation it can also allow people to see you at your most vulnerable. Whilst I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say YES! I do have my own insecurities but what person doesn't?! After all nobody is perfect and we all want to change something about ourselves, some maybe more than others. Whilst I could wish to be prettier, richer, have longer hair, bigger boobs, more fluttery eyelashes and that dream designer wardrobe isn't it time to stop wishing and accept the traits we do have, both good and bad?! Whilst I may not have a vast collection of designer handbags, have holidayed to the Maldives or live in a white house in South Kensington with an Instagrammable door, I'm determined to not let this get me down about my own life and the things I have achieved. Whilst I'll openly admit I'm an incredibly ambitious person with big dreams, my biggest desire is to be truly happy. If I can hand on heart say I am genuinely happy then this is probably the biggest achievement of all. Whilst it might sound like the biggest cliché of them all, perhaps my Nanny was right all along when she repeatedly told me "Gemsy baby, money can't buy you happiness". Whilst money and social media might get you nice, fancy things it's just material objects with no real worth and sometimes it's very easy to lose sight of this and what really matters in life. Don't you agree?

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  1. LOVED THIS. Money doesn't buy happiness and while material things are nice to own (because we all love having new things), its much better to be happy and enjoy life. My mum always tells me that when I'm old, I won't remember all of the shoes I owned or the money I had - I'll remember the experiences, the people and the fun/happiness.

    Completely relating to you on this one but your blog has always been one of my favourites and I love that you keep relatable x

  2. Great outfit!


  3. such an inspiring post!


  4. I also feel the same sometimes. The insecurity is no joke, hahaha.
    Nice look anyway! Love the combination <3



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