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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Girl Gang

Double denim isn't for the faint hearted, but there's something I just love about doubling up on those denim shades. Embroidered denim is a trend that has emerged over the past few months and one that looks set to stick around for spring/summer. With a denim jacket acting as such a key contender in the outerwear department, adding an eye catching slogan seems like the perfect novelty. Unfortunately, it pains me to say that you can't actually buy this very jacket as the lovely press team at New Look customised it for me at the most recent SS17 press day. But with that said, I'm sure it's something that could be achieved at home with a stencil and some paint. After all everyone loves a bit of DIY. I just loved the jacket so much that I couldn't not feature it in a blog post or two. 

With Valentines Day fast approaching, this slogan seems particularly relevant. Why you might ask? Well to me, Girl Gang signifies unity, empowerment and being fiercely independent. Who needs a man when you can be your own girl boss?! Maybe I feel strongly about this because I am indeed single but wouldn't you agree to a certain extent too? When I put on this jacket, I feel like a girl boss, ready to take on the world. Cue BeyoncĂ© 'who run the world....girls'. Sad I know, but it really is funny how a jacket can have such an effect on you. Even if it doesn't make you feel anything at all, at least it looks cool from the back and fashion after all is about having fun and being bold. And this jacket definitely is that. 

Although you may not be able to purchase this customised jacket, the borg lined jacket is in fact from New Look which you can see here. Just grab some pink and white paint and make it your own. Besides, at least this way you can create something truly unique.  

Jacket - New Look 
Shoes - Converse via Office

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