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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Velvet Revival

I know that velvet may not be to everyones liking. Formerly associated with historical festivals, Christmas and even a fancy cushion I can see why the luxe fabric may not be everybody's cup of tea. This season there's a shift from the lighter fabrics we have all loved wearing this summer such as your silks and linens in favour of thicker fabrics that beg to be touched. I'm talking velvet, in all its sumptuous glory. From ankle boots to outerwear, velvet is set to be HUGE this autumn/winter and I think it's about time we wiped the slate clean of stereotypes surrounding its past associations.

Whilst I love dabbling in the latest trends, there is something a little nerve wracking about wearing velvet. I can definitely appreciate peoples reluctance to rush out and buy a piece of velvet to add to their wardrobe. However, in todays post I'm demonstrating that wearing velvet need not be a scary ordeal. In fact, this gorgeous crushed velvet bomber jacket is so feminine it brings a whole new meaning to the term velvet. Some of you may be thinking why the heck is she wearing denim shorts and it would be a very valid point. I took these photos just before I went to Ibiza last week and with the madness of London Fashion Week I hadn't had time to post them. With that said, I did want to show you all just how amazing this bomber jacket is. The 'dreamer' slogan is also very cute if I do say so myself. 

With the revival of such an amazing texture, the best way to wear velvet in my opinion is in the most unexpected of ways. This bomber jacket does just that: pretty pastel hues contrasted with black and covered in oriental embroidery. Another trend set to be huge for AW16. You may not see me sporting a full on velvet suit anytime soon but for someone that wants to incorporate a touch of this sumptuous texture into their autumn/winter wardrobe I think a bomber jacket is a great compromise and this is definitely my kind of jacket. 

Bomber Jacket - Glamorous
Shorts - Missguided
T-shirt - Zara
Belt - ASOS
Trainers - Vans via Allsole.com

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  1. That's such a beautiful jacket, I adore the detailing! x


  2. Love the bomber jacket.



  3. This jacket is divine babe <3 xx


  4. Love this look, quite excited about velvet making a comeback!

    Katie x
    The Stylinguist

  5. The bomber jacket looks simply AWESOME! I mean seriously, it's brilliant to put together such a sporty design with classy details. You pulled it off perfectly!

    Don't forget to check out my latest post as well - all about wedding dresses this time!


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