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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Things To Do On The Island Of Mykonos

After spending in total two short weeks exploring the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos, I thought I would share with you my tips on the best things to do, if any of you happen to be planning a trip this summer or over the next few months. After travelling around the Island, I'm pretty sure I can provide you with some good insight so if your interested keep on reading, even if it's purely to spy on all the amazing photographs I took. I am positive they will make you green with envy. 

Exploring Mykonos Town

Whether your staying in the heart of Mykonos or have settled on a beach location you need to pay Mykonos town a visit, theres no questions about it. First time around, I was a short walk from the centre of Mykonos but on my most recent trip I stayed in Ornos which is a 15-20 minute bus ride away. The buses (I say bus it's more like a coach) come every half an hour up until about 8pm and then are every hour after that. This is the cheapest way to get around the island as the ticket is no more than €2 for a single trip. As Mykonos is generally quite an expensive holiday destination, I would save money for the cab ride back to your hotel or apartment. A word of warning, when looking up bus times, Mykonos is referred to as Fabrika just to save any confusion. 
Mykonos by day is basically a bloggers dream. Some of the photos I took for my blog are my favourite to date. White backdrops aplenty, the blue and pastel coloured touches make for very picturesque scenery. On every corner there is something new and more beautiful to discover, if that were even possible. Whilst there is definitely more ambiance at night, it's lovely to explore the streets of Mykonos during the day and pick up a few souvenirs. With cute boutiques open until the early hours of the morning, you can take a leisurely stroll along the white cobbled streets of Mykonos and be in your element. With crochet, lace and floaty dresses in abundance I was pretty much in a boho dream. Mykonos also caters for those who are feeling slightly more spendy with shops including Balenciaga and Chanel. 

With corner shops as pretty as this how could you not fall in love with Mykonos? You probably couldn't get fresher fruit or vegetables if you tried. In between taking outfit photos and exploring the beautiful streets of Mykonos town, I would suggest an ice cream pit stop at Kayak which is exactly what Lucia and I did. It's a great place to sit outside and people watch and soak up the great atmosphere of this stunning Greek island. You may even be tempted by another scoop....who knows. 

If ice cream isn't your thing (we really can't be friends) then head to Alley Bar for an iced coffee. Cafe by day and cocktail bar by night this place has the best of both worlds. If your an avid coffee drinker like myself, I would suggest the Freddo Cappuccino. I also went to Alley Bar one evening for a few cocktails. Averaging at €14 a cocktail, they look beautiful but the two Sophie and I ordered didn't blow me away, compared to the cocktails at Caprice of Mykonos. 

Whilst I've covered some things to do in the day, now it's time to delve into the delights of Mykonos town by night. One thing you have to do whilst in Mykonos is go and watch the sunset at Little Venice over a few cocktails. Whilst on your way down, you can stop off at the iconic windmills of Mykonos for a tourist photo opportunity. Cue the selfie stick. The sun usually sets at around 8:30pm but I would suggest getting there before 8pm to guarantee a front row spot as it tends to get really busy. Head to Caprice of Mykonos for a Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail which is more than Instagram worthy. Veranda cocktail bar is also really nice but a word of warning the cocktails are really thick, almost slush puppy like so I would avoid having this before dinner. Trust me I learnt the hard way. Thank goodness for maternity style dresses. All the restaurants and bars are back to back along Little Venice and you really are spoilt for choice. Above are just suggestions if you want somewhere in mind to go before you visit. 

Whilst plenty of meals were consumed during my time in Mykonos, two restaurants really stick out to me; Kastros and Casa di Giorgio. Kastros hands down is one of the best restaurants I have ever experienced. Walking distance from Little Venice, Kastros is the hidden gem of hidden gems. Make a reservation prior to your trip and make sure you get a table outside, the end table if possible. Order a Porn Star Martini and Caipiroska just in time to watch the sunset. The view from this restaurant was so breathtakingly beautiful, I literally will never forget it. 

Whilst I didn't take any photos whilst at my second favourite restaurant, Casa di Giorgio is a great Italian if you hadn't already guessed by the name. Here, the pasta is made fresh on the premises. By fresh I mean you can actually see the dough being made by hand from the dinner table. A word of warning, generally everything gets going a little later in Greece so I would advise heading out for dinner from about 9:30pm onwards. For me that felt really late but people then go onto bars and clubs from 11pm. When in Greece....

If your looking for a big night, I would then head onto Skandinavian Bar, this generally gets busy from around 11pm but I would say this is generally one of the most popular spots in Mykonos for a night out. With a great selection of spirits and cocktails and a pretty impressive dance floor upstairs you will be dancing until the early hours of the morning. 

The Beaches: Ornos, Paraga, Paradise and Super Paradise

Now a holiday wouldn't be a holiday without a trip to the beach. There are many different beaches in Mykonos which you can access by foot, bus, water taxi or cab depending on where your staying on the Island. On my second visit to Mykonos, I stayed in the town of Ornos at Dionysos Hotel which was less than a stones throw from the beach itself (pool side photo below). If your staying in Ornos make sure you head to the Greek Tavern and try a chicken gyros. Consisting of grilled chicken, tomato, red onion, chips and tzatziki wrapped in a what can only be described as a cross between a pitta and a naan, it's a tasty way to eat affordably. They were less than €3 and I ate about 5 during my stay in Greece! You can also get these to take away which is handy if your on the move or want a snack before heading back to your hotel. 

One disadvantage to visiting the beaches of Mykonos is that you have to pay for the sun beds. With that said, they are super comfortable and you get them all day. Sophie and I payed €16 for two beds at Ornos beach so be sure to bring some extra cash with you. 

One of the prettiest beaches I visited had to be Super Paradise beach. I mean just look at that view. Both Paradise and Super Paradise beach are renowned for their beach parties which tend to kick off from about 4pm. Most people spend the day chilling on the sun loungers and then party into the early hours of the morning at the beach bar. Whilst I didn't do this at Super Paradise, Sophie and I did visit Paradise beach twice where we had lots of fun. I would hands down recommend going to Tropicana Beach club anytime from 5pm onwards where you can party until the early hours of the morning. If you walk along the beach a few seconds you will end up at the beach bar Guapaloca. With UV lights and neon paint you feel like you've arrived at a Thailand style full moon party. As Mykonos is notorious for being a party island (some often say its better than Ibiza) the clubbing scene can be pretty hardcore. The night is still considered young at 3am. Usually I'm tucked up in bed after a night out in London at this hour, so getting your head around the time difference can be strange. With that said, if the party scene isn't your thing you can take it down a notch and just enjoy dinner and cocktails. 

Club Paradiso and Paradise Club are two big clubs located on Paradise beach boasting DJs from the likes of Benny Benassi to Skrillex. I only went to Club Paradiso and I must say it's a really good night. We were actually approached by a promoter during the day when we were at Ornos beach and bought our ticket for €15 which included a free drink on the night. This is very reasonable and you often end up paying a lot more on the night so if you can snap up this deal during the day I would definitely recommend it. Sophie and I got the bus from Mykonos town after pre drinking at the likes of Skandinavian bar but got a cab back to our hotel. As a rule the clubs are generally smarter and most people do tend to dress up. The same goes for Mykonos town, where girls tended to wear dresses/playsuits and wedges. 

Next on the list of beaches to visit is Paraga beach. I don't think I have seen water so crystal clear in all my life. I mean just look at that water! Paraga beach is great if you just fancy a chilled day, soaking up the rays and having a dip in the sea. Again, this beach can be reached by water taxi, which costs around €8 or bus depending on where you are staying. Whilst at Paraga, head to Kalua beach bar where you can have a bite to eat or some mid day cocktails. Like most places you do have to pay for a sun bed at the beach. You can take a towel and position yourself by the water but bear in mind that its quite pebbly so the sun loungers definitely tend to be more comfortable. 

For those of you planning a trip to Mykonos this summer or in the foreseeable future, I really hope you have found this blog post useful. I have tried to include as many tips as I can think of and the best places I would personally recommend to you all. If you have any specific questions, then do just leave me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you. Mykonos is such a beautiful island and I really would encourage each and every one of you to visit at some point. It is quite an expensive holiday destination but as long as you're prepared for this you'll be fine. The average price for a cocktail is around €14-€20 and dinner depending on where you are eating out can be a little bit more. The beaches and views are breath taking and I hope that I've encouraged a few of you to visit soon. 

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  1. I'm off to Mykonos in two weeks and I can't wait, I'm hoping to get as pretty pictures as you have whilst I'm there!
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  2. It looks so incredibly beautiful, if I'm ever lucky enough to visit I will come back to this guide :)


  3. Mykonos is on my bucket list of places to visit. It looks beautiful!!


  4. <333 such amazing pictures!

    love this post

    Karolina Gespucci

  5. Wow! Amazing blog! Amazing place! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Your blog has stimulated my desire to plan a Greece tour ASAP. However, I would love to explore Tinos Island in Greece. I have heard a lot about it!

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