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Monday, 13 June 2016

Parklife Weekender 2016 And What Not To Wear To A Muddy Festival

On Friday evening, I boarded the 18:46pm Virgin train from London Euston heading North to Manchester. What many of you may not know is that Manchester was actually a place I called home whilst I spent three years studying Psychology in this amazing city. That aside, the purpose of my trip was to visit my friend Jess and attend Parklife festival together with two of her friends from home, Liv and Izzy. After checking the weather, it was forecast to rain for the whole weekend. Brillant! (sarcasm noted) My initial thought...what do I wear?! Festival fashion can be a hard one to nail at the best of times, let alone when rain is on the cards for the whole weekend. With that said, I headed straight to ASOS and was frantically searching with festival appropriate attire in mind. Whilst there, I happened to stumble upon this gorgeous embroidered flared sleeve dress. My initial thought was that it would be perfect paired with a black fringe bag and a pair of ankle boots, both of which I already had. After arriving in Manchester and being greeted with a Chinese takeaway, the weekend was getting off to a good start. 

Saturday morning graced us with its presence and we were all super excited for the day ahead. After lining our stomachs with a bacon butty (in true Manchester style) we were ready to brave the day ahead. Stepping outside, in what can only be described as the mother of all downpours I had a moment of dread that my cream dress perhaps wasn't such an appropriate choice after all. After about a thirty minute drive we arrived at Heaton Park, the new location for the Parklife weekender festival. I wasn't prepared for the walk to the festival itself but our clear ponchos certainly kept us from getting wet. Oh the glamours of attending festivals in the pouring rain. Tickets checked and finally inside we headed for the toilet, the result of one too many cheeky beverages and weak bladders clearly. En route to the toilet, I uttered the words to Liz 'I think I'm going to fall'. As if like clock work, I went down into the mud like a sack of potatoes legs flailing and all. Cream dress half way in the mud, the only thing I could do was laugh seeing as that's the reaction I had got from my audience. It definitely was one of those moments where you want the ground to eat you up alive, but we soldier on. My pretty embroidered dress, not so pretty after all but I had that festival muddy chic look going on and was determined not to let this put a downer on my day. All in all, I think I fell front and back facing a total of five times. Bringing Jess and almost Izzy down with me too. I think it's safe to say I shouldn't be taken to festivals in the foreseeable future. Not muddy ones anyways. The sheer excitement and one too many vodka red bulls was obviously too much for me to handle. In my defence walking in bog like marshes is not an easy game. 

The general festival attire was high waisted shorts and crop tops with wellies and rain macs, I clearly hadn't got the memo. One thing I will say for the boys is please ditch those bucket hats, I mean when did these even become a thing?! They're awful. Liv and Izzy both wore Cat boots which in hindsight were a very sensible choice. As I have a few summer festivals lined up with SW4 being the next, I think I may have to rethink my outfit situation especially with the way the weather is panning out. My floaty boho style dresses just won't make the cut unfortunately. 

On reflection, part of the day seems like a bit of a blur but my favourite acts by far were Bastille, Years and Years, Afrojack and Chase and Status, which you may have seen from the videos I posted if you follow me on Snapchat (gemmatalbot91)

After calling it a night and arriving back at Jess's house, it was time to ditch my mud sodden clothes and get in the shower. As you can see from these photos I was literally covered. Overall, I had the best day and you can always rely on Parklike for a good lineup. I'm all for day festivals as I really dislike camping so you really get the best of both worlds in my opinion. This is a slightly different post from me but I hope you enjoyed reading it none the less. I would love to know if any of you actually went to Parklike this weekend and what summer festivals you have lined up. Just in case you're wondering the mud didn't come out of my dress, it actually shrunk to a child sized top as I didn't read the 'hand wash only' care label. It's safe to say RIP pretty flared embroidered dress. It was nice briefly knowing you. 

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  1. LOVE your dress lady - looks fab! Shame about the weather but I guess that's bloody England eh?! Ha!

    Hayley xo

  2. Looks like you had a fab weekend


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