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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The High Street vs Designer Debate

I cannot even begin to explain how much wear I get out of a striped top. I have so many variations in my wardrobe it's bordering on worrying. For that reason, it seemed only right to update my classic striped breton tee in favour for this pink version. I absolutely love the colour and think it's so perfect for summer, not to mention it looks great paired with white skinnies. With the warmer weather and sunnier days, I really have been starting to think about my Spring wardrobe. With that said, I've been left feeling completely unsatisfied with many of the pieces I wore and loved last year. 

Whilst seasons come and go, it's becoming apparent that style and trends certainly change. As of late, I really have been thinking that rather than wasting my money on throw away items of clothing it may be more sensible to actually invest in key pieces that will see me through many years to come. My dad always used to preach its quality not quantity and I always laughed. Any normal girl would much rather have more clothes than less right? As I'm reluctantly hitting the 25 mark, I am beginning to agree with my dad and can see why people start to invest in more luxury pieces. I by no means will be turning my back on the great British high street. I after all love affordable fashion and let's face it Topshop is my holy grail. What I mean to get at is that I really feel the need to start investing in key pieces that will last. It would be unrealistic to say I will be showering myself in designer pieces before the year is out but I would like to start saving for those key pieces such as a bag, ankle boots and sunglasses which are staples and ultimately will have longevity. For those designer inspired pieces you can always rely on Zara to help a sister out. Whilst it's a great alternative and a lot friendlier on the purse strings lets face it, it's not quite designer. Take handbags for example, whilst the initial cost may be somewhat steep it's a piece that you can use again and again. There is also no better feeling knowing that you have saved up to buy something you love and also the feeling of owning something designer. It's a little bit of luxury that unfortunately the high street cannot beat. The high street versus designer debate can often be a very touchy subject but if any of you own any designer pieces wouldn't you agree? I would love to know your thoughts on this topic and whether you are in agreement that it may be time to start investing in those key pieces that will last. 

Denim Jacket | New Look
Stripe Top | Urban Outfitters
Jeans | Missguided
Boots | ASOS
Bag | Accessorize
Sunglasses | Ray Ban

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  1. I agree - I recently have started investing in shoes and bags and good jackets, as I think these will last your wardrobe a lifetime and can also make high street outfits look more expensive! xx


  2. I agree, I'm just starting to realise that its far better to invest in some items - especially accessories - bags, shoes, and also outerwear, they elevate your outfit and will last forever! First thing on my list is a luxury handbag - I've wanted one for ages!


    1. Oh me too, but the real question is which handbag will you go for. I'm so indecisive. X

  3. I 100% agree! I cut back on high street and even the cheaper online stores when it comes to shoes, bags and jackets/coats as they never last as long and sometimes the shoes are never comfortable - but like they say you pay for what you get. I find that designer or the more pricer the item the quality is waay better!

    My mum preaches the same thing about quality although it's usually about household appliances....

    great post!


    1. Thank you! I totally agree. You often get what you pay for especially for more staple items that you want to have in your wardrobe for years to come. X

  4. I definitely agree. I might not go to completely designer pieces, but I do want to check the quality of a garment and one that can last! Although, I have noticed that no matter which shoes I buy, I love to wear them so much I just overwear them, which is always a sad day!!


    1. I'm the same! If I buy a pair of shoes from the high street and I absolutely love them I sometimes buy another pair just so they will last me that little bit longer. X

  5. Completely agree babes!
    The colours in this look are truly magnifique!


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