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Monday, 11 April 2016

Saturday Morning Spin Class at Psycle London

It's that time again. Monday morning has reared its ugly head and the weekend has been and gone. Someone please pass me the coffee. I don't know about you but I always need a bit of motivation to kick start the week. Today's post is a slightly different one from me but there's nothing like a bit of Monday motivation and I wanted to share with you my recent trip to Psycle. This Saturday I finally plucked up the courage to attend a 10am (yes you read that correctly!) spin class at Psycle on Mortimer Street, situated a stones throw from Oxford Circus tube station. A 2 minute walk to be precise. I am by no means a fitness guru but if you like the occasional gym session or are looking to try something new to get that bikini bod just in time for summer, then I suggest you continue reading. 


I went ahead and booked myself and Claire in online. It's a really simple process, whereby you pick your preferred day, time and instructor and wallah your bike is booked. After arriving and collecting our shoes, Claire and I raced downstairs to Studio 2 eagerly anticipating our first spin class. Beware doors shut at 10am sharp! So I would advise getting there ahead of schedule. After much needed assistance assembling my bike (theres an elbow-saddle-hip-handlebar ratio did you know) and clicking my shoes into the pedals I was ready to go. Ready, steady, spin. 

We were greeted by our instructor Zoe who was absolutely ripped to shreds. She definitely had abs worthy of grating cheese on. Girl, ab and body goals in all it's glory. I will be brutally honest, the class was hard work and to say I worked up a sweat would be an understatement. With that said, the energy was incredible and the music kept me motivated tho whole way through the class. I also have the right, left, right, left rhythm down to a t I'll have you know. As someone that attends the gym on a somewhat regular basis, I would like to think that my fitness levels were reasonable. Fitness aside, this class tests your stamina with more than the occasional leg BURN! 

The sessions operate on a credits basis and if you pay as you go it works out at £20 per session. If you buy in bulk it's slightly cheaper but everything is booked online. It may seem on the slightly pricier side for a class but you really do get a full body workout and I felt that without Zoe I wouldn't have pushed myself as much as I did, especially as a first timer. This motivation I often lack when I'm working out myself at the gym. Logically, you wouldn't get a personal trainer for £20 an hour and this class reaps the benefits of one. So highly worth every penny in my opinion. 


After hearing a little bit about Psycle before my visit I had seen that Energy Kitchen provides nutrient rich, energising smoothies packed with superfoods. You can actually pre order a smoothie to have ready for when you finish your spin class which I thought was pretty impressive. After a long time deliberating over my post-spin smoothie of choice, I opted for 'Just Ride'. Consisting of almond milk, coffee, banana, almond butter, date, vanilla protein and lacuna I was very excited to try it. Claire went for 'No Resistance' which to be fair sounded like a peanut butter dream. The smoothies were delicious and left me feeling full for hours. Priced at £6 a smoothie, it's essentially a meal packed with all the goodness and protein you need to repair your muscles post spin. 

So there you have it, my Psycle spin class low down. I can whole heartedly say that I will definitely be returning for another spin session soon. I'm also eager to try Psycle's sister studio in Canary Wharf so see what this is like. The energy was amazing and despite the sweat, you can really feel that your pushing yourself to your limits. As my t-shirt states 'sweat, burn, win' and with no pain there's no gain. Fitness wise, it's probably the most productive I've ever had and left me feeling so energised for the rest of the day. All in all I definitely cannot wait to go back again. I think it's safe to say that Psycle has made me a spin class convert. 

Sports bra | USA Pro
Vest Top | USA Pro
Leggings | USA Pro
Hoodie | Soul Cal & Co

Photos taken on an Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera using a 45mm lens

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