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Monday, 22 February 2016

Uniqueness Passed On with PANDORA

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the beautiful jewellery brand PANDORA. With their theme ‘Uniqueness Passed On’ in mind, I wanted the jewellery I chose to really represent my relationship with my mum.

I immediately loved the look of this Entwine Ring. The design reminded me of the close connection I have with my mum, illustrating that unique bond a daughter has with her mother. For me, jewellery is very personal and I am often very selective with my preferences.

I also took an instant liking to this PANDORA Rose Feather Pendant.  I have a very vivid memory of a necklace my mum used to wear just like this whilst I was growing up. Naturally it seemed fitting to add this gorgeous piece to my collection, as it was something that will always remind me of her each time I look down at it.

Usually people purchase jewellery for significant others as a token of affection or as a gift to mark a special occasion. With that said, this jewellery from PANDORA has an extra special meaning. Whilst choosing the jewellery, I was really able to reflect on the unique traits my mum has passed on to me, which I believe have helped to shape who I am today. As Mother’s Day is not far away (the 6th of March in England), this seems like the perfect time to reflect upon the good times we have shared together.

To mark the occasion, I took my mum for a spot of afternoon tea at the picturesque Laduree, situated in the heart of our favourite part of London, Covent Garden. Sipping on an earl grey tea over a catch up with my mum, I had a moment of realisation that my love of drinking copious amounts of tea most certainly comes from her. As avid tea drinkers, I thought what better way to celebrate our relationship!

Whilst I may not have inherited many physical characteristics from my Mum (the blonde hair, blue eyed gene was not passed onto me) there are a number of traits that I can see in myself that most definitely were passed on from her. My full pigmented lips are an obvious one, as is my overall shyness when faced with new situations. Admittedly, growing up my mum and I were not always especially close but as I have gotten older, I have really learnt to appreciate her and the things she has done for me. As a single mother I can only imagine this to have been extremely testing and something I now pride her for. It’s not often I get to praise her for the hard work, sweat and tears she has most definitely put into our relationship, so this only seems like the perfect opportunity to thank her for it. Especially with Mother’s Day fast approaching.

As PANDORA has got me thinking about the unique characteristics my mum has passed onto me, I would love to know what you have inherited from your mothers? This could be a physical characteristic or even an aspect of her personality that has shaped you as an individual. After all, as a young girl a daughter tries to fit into her mother’s shoes. I know I certainly did!

Entwine Ring | PANDORA
Feather Necklace | PANDORA

This post was sponsored by PANDORA. All words, styling and photography are my own. 



  1. This is a lovely post, and such a beautiful selection of jewellery! Although my mum and I couldn't look any different because she has short dark curly hair whilst mine is blonde and straight (the opposite to you and your mum) I'm always told that we sound indistinguishable both in our voices and the phrases we use, which always amuses me! Thanks for sharing. Molly x

    1. I'm glad you liked the post Molly! It's nice to take some time to appreciate our Mum's and what they do for us. That's so cute with regards to your indistinguishable voices and phrases. It sounds like you definitely picked that up from her. x

  2. What gorgeous little pieces - I love Pandora Jewellery xx


  3. Really sweet post, and love the pieces you chose and the way there's meaning behind it! Also those boots are just amazing x


    1. Glad you like it Lucy. It's nice to include some different content on my blog for a change. x

  4. The necklace is so cute <3<3<3

    Ladurée is always a great idea to pop in, have a cappuccino and some macarons.

    Best Vanessa //// http://www.cityfreudeblog.london


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