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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reflecting on 2015

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As a fashion blogger, I am constantly documenting my style not only on my blog but on various forms of social media. Many people are often under the impression that in order to document your life so heavily you must be confident (some may argue arrogant) in yourself and want to share your life with the world. On the contrary, I am actually a very private person often finding it difficult to divulge my feelings even to my closest friends. I tend to keep things bottled up so writing this post was a little daunting but after reflecting on 2015, it has given me some time to think. I also felt it was about time I gave my readers a glimpse of the real me, the person behind 'What's In Her Wardrobe'. 

2015. What a year. Like any it had its ups, but it certainly had its downs. I'll start with the ups. 2015 was a great year for travelling. I visited Bali and Marrakech both of which have encouraged me to keep exploring the many beautiful countries that the world has to offer. Whilst I am young, with no real commitments it only seems right and I don't want to look back on my life with any regrets. That leads me to my first resolution, to travel more. New York, Mexico and South America are on my bucket list of places to visit next. 2015 was an amazing year for blogging and I was lucky enough to  collaborate with some of my favourite brands. There has been some criticism surrounding bloggers recently, labelling them as 'fake' and 'unrelatable' but I can whole heartedly say that I am still so grateful to be approached by some of my favourite brands and consider myself very fortunate to be in the position I am now. With that said, it hasn't been an easy ride and has taken plenty of hard work on my end. Consequently, at the end of 2015 I made the decision to quit my job in Personal Shopping at Topshop to pursue a career as a full time blogger.  This was scary and not one that all my family agreed with, but none the less a rather brave decision I would argue. That brings me nicely to my second resolution which is to never give up on your dreams even if they seem unattainable. If something is worthwhile then it's worth the hard work and determination and I hope 2016 brings new achievements and continued success for What's In Her Wardrobe. In April of this year, I became Godmother to my little sister Cassie. After spending 23 years of my life as a single child, I felt an inevitable and consuming amount of love towards my little sister which gave me a glimpse into motherhood when I one day have children myself.  2015, if anything confirmed the importance of family and how I fully intend to make a conscious effort to spend more time with mine in the new year. 

I won't dwell on the negatives too much but the main downs of 2015 included family turmoil, falling out with a best friend and finally saying goodbye to my five and a half year relationship. If 2015 has taught me anything, things certainly do not get easier but I would like to think I have become stronger as an individual and I have definitely learn't a thing or two about myself. Sometimes you have to take risks but most of all I have learn't to trust my gut instinct more and to not look back. After all, if you make the same mistake twice, it's a decision. I unfortunately learn't this the hard way. Life is a learning curve but sometimes you have to find the courage to stick up for yourself and what you believe in to make positive changes in your life. Most of all, I feel as though my outlook on life has shifted and I now wish for 2016 to be full of happiness, good health and adventure. I am leaving any negativity behind in 2015 and making way for new beginnings, a new chapter. 2016 I'm ready for you and I hope you are too. 

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  1. Lovely to finally get to know some stuff about you Gem!!!

    Your 2015 deffo sounds eventful- going full time with blogging is something I'm sure you won't regret :))

    Lots of love & best wishes for 2016!!


  2. Really lovely post, it fully understand how hard it can be to share these types of things! Good luck for 2016 I'm sure you'll have a great year! :)


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