Thursday, 27 February 2014


What I'm Wearing:

Coat - Missguided* / Jumper - Zara / Jeans - ASOS / Plimsolls - ASOS / Clutch - Whistles /

Is that the camel coat again I here you say. Well the answer is most definitely yes! I have certainly been getting a lot of wear out of this boyfriend style coat as of late. A coat that is definitely a staple in my wardrobe and a key spring/summer trend. 

Today's outfit definitely comprises of minimal effort with maximum comfort. I cannot resist reaching for this oversized Zara knit when I am unsure what to wear. It is so comfy and perfect for those days where you just want to get up and go. Paired with my recent ASOS denim purchase, the ripped knees definitely add a bit of character. You would not believe how much attention these jeans have been getting. People literally stop and stare as if to say does that girl really have her knees out?! There is nothing wrong with a cheeky bit of knee cleavage in my eyes. When these Celine-esque plimsolls hit the 'new in' section of ASOS, I had to snap them up in an instant. After lusting after the Celine version for a long while, these are a great alternative at a mere fraction of the price. 

What wardrobe essentials do you reach for when you are having a dress down day?  Mine would definitely be this oversized Zara knit, especially for wrapping up in this cold weather. 



  1. I bought these jeans recently too, I love them, but some people really dont get them do they...pfft!

    Gorgeous missy x

  2. Clutches are everywhere now aren't they? it used to be that they were just for evening wear. Love your whole look.

  3. I was just thinking how much I love those jeans, no wonder you've been getting so much attention haha!

    Tara xo

  4. This zara knit is my perfect go to aswell. Can be worn anything too :)
    Stunning babe x

  5. I am currently looking at so many of these Asos jeans.
    You have such skinny lovely legs!

  6. What a lovely cosy/casual/stylish outfit! I'm a big fan if those jeans and think I'll get myself a pair. Also that sweater is perfect, oversized and warm. Super cute look Gemma xX

  7. Love the jumper Hun, also making me want to buy more Ridleys in different colours! Xxx

  8. Lovely outfit look beautiful honey...:-)

  9. Those shoes are just the coolest, and I adore your clutch! You look awesome! x

  10. I have this Zara jumper, it's lovely isn't it!, Love how you've styled it!

    Amy, X.


  11. Amazing post dear!

    I wish you an amazing weekend!

    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

    Facebook | Instagram | Bloglovin |

    Kisses, Alice.

  12. Perfect outfit :)

    How can people be shocked by a bit of knee cleavage?!? It's 2014 FFS!!!
    Ridleys are deffo a must-have :)

  13. I love this look and i'm enjoying reading your blog, Gemma. I too have a clutch from Whistles and seem to wear it with everything. They're great staples. Looking forward to your next post, Jessica -

  14. you look gorgeous! Your blog is definitely one of my favourites!! xx

  15. Very interesting this post ;)
    Kisses <3

  16. love this outfit! those jeans are just so beaut! xx

    feel free to check out my new outfit post on my blog: FASHION SIGNAL

  17. Love this outfit. Turtlenecks are the best! And the ripped jeans look amazing
    Lucia's Loves

  18. Nice outfit!

    x Angela

  19. Love this outfit - I've been playing with the idea of pimsoles in my head for a while now, I think I may have to follow your lead and finally buy some because they look great in this outfit!

    x greta

  20. A M A Z I N G, Literally love your blog! 

    Keep it up! i love reading it!



  21. Love each piece in this look! I always opt for an essential oversized sweater as well when I feel like dressing down.

    Neon Fox

  22. I love your outfit, it's so perfectly put together! Ahh you are unbearably cool Gemma x

    smoke + velvet

  23. I LOVE those jeans xx

  24. Love this look!

  25. Super cool pics
    Awesome outfit!! Nice work

  26. I love this outfit !

    Marie-Charlotte :)

  27. Super awesome outfit and very nice pics
    <3 Loved so much

  28. Love this outfit. Casual but still very chic!


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Gemma x

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